ABBC Foundation introduces ABBC Trade to maximize earnings

ABBC Foundation introduces ABBC Trade to maximize earnings

The ABBC Foundation has just launched a new portal, ABBC Trade, where users who trade their ABBC coins will receive 300% BUSD incentives over 365 days. In particular, these BUSD prices can be withdrawn every 7 days throughout Aladdin Pro Wallet.

Once users have subscribed to an ABBC Trade plan, they can track their weekly BUSD rewards and claim them at any time.

The portal allows ABBC holders to trade their coins with a minimum of 100 BUSD and a maximum of 1000 BUSD per month. After reaching the maximum limit, users have to wait a month before shop more ABBC.

ABBC Trade users are also eligible for a referral program after subscribing to a plan. Users can invite family and friends to sign up and subscribe to the ABBC Trade plan through the referral program. Referrals can instantly receive 7% BUSD rewards based on how much their referees have shopped.

The ABBC Foundation is also considering conducting monthly Bonanza events. With these events, a lucky trader will have the opportunity to double the amount they have traded on an ongoing ABBC Trade plan.

Users must undergo KYC verification before subscribing to a plan in the ABBC Trade portal. A scanned copy of the user’s passport or government-issued photo ID must be submitted along with a selfie holding the passport or photo ID in one hand and a piece of paper with the current date and “#ABBCCoin” written on the other since .

ABBC Foundationthe global blockchain company, is committed to providing its ever-supportive ABBC community with the latest technological advancements and exciting projects that enable an efficient and convenient cryptocurrency experience.

Recently, ABBC announced that their cryptocurrency-based online trading platform Buyaladdin launching globally soon, with the aim of a more accessible shopping experience for everyone. The mall will accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and ABBC Coin (ABBC). Also, 1 ABBC will be equal to $100 in Buyaladdin Mall.

In addition to offering the highest level of user-friendliness and security, the ABBC Foundation pledges to continuously innovate and improve the services it provides to its users. As an integral part of the wider ABBC ecosystem, ABBC Trade offers users a chance to grow their crypto earnings. More information can be found in ABBC Trade user guide.

About the ABBC Foundation

The ABBC Foundation is a global blockchain company responsible for protecting the best interests of the ABBC coin. As a hub for blockchain and crypto adoptionthe Dubai-based foundation aims to shape the future of payment security with its advanced and phenomenal projects.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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