Aeterna Noctis Follow-up, Summum Aeterna, Slashes Onto Switch late 2023

Spanish developer Aeternum Game Studios has announced that the follow-up to Hollow Knight-inspired metroidvania Aeterna Noctis will be coming out of Early Access and landing on Switch in 2023 (thanks, Go Nintendo).

The follow-up title, Summum Aeterna, looks to be just as difficult as its predecessor – and we’re not just talking about pronouncing the name. Teased as part of Aeternum Game Studio’s 2022 Showcase (found in the time-stamped video above), the game promises intense platforming action, plenty of boss battles, and a unique world generator in the new Seed Mechanic.

Summum Aeterna was released on Steam Early Access in June of this year and has since garnered a number of highly positive reviews. While we weren’t all sold on the studio’s previous metroidvania entry (giving Aeterna Noctis an average 5/10 in our review), we hope this new effort can learn from past mistakes to create an overall better experience.

The game has received four major title updates while in Early Access, adding new worlds, bosses and NPCs. For a taste of what’s available, check out the following statement and screenshots from Aeternum Game Studios:

The fast-paced Roguelite accelerates the formula seen in Aeterna Noctis, focusing all attention on the fast-paced action and exploration of random worlds. The game features an ingenious and unique adventure generator system never seen before in the genre thanks to the seed mechanic. By germinating seeds, players will gain access to a new game whose level design, enemy behavior, rewards, and special rooms will differ depending on the genes contained in the seed. The other major pillar of the game is the speed of action thanks to the fluidity of the controls, the number of weapons at our disposal and the hordes of enemies that await us in every corner. Summum Aeterna will continue to receive new updates such as new worlds, more weapons and even more challenges over the next few months until its final release at the end of next year.

There’s no firm release date for Summum Aeterna at the moment, with the showcase promising that the game will arrive on Switch in late 2023. It could be a while before it sits in Early Access, it’s true, but hopefully this means the final product will be better at because of that.

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