After 3 years of work, modders have remastered the first Star Wars FPS

Star Wars: Dark Forces, the first Star Wars FPS and the predecessor to the Jedi Knight series, has finally gotten ZDoom (opens in a new tab) treatment. Developers luciusDXL, winterheart and gilorem560 have released the 1.0 build of Force Engine (opens in a new tab)an open source reverse engineering of Dark Forces (and soon, its lesser-known cousin, Outlaws) that lets you play it with modern conveniences and in high resolution.

Released in 1995, Dark Forces is defined by the “Doom Clone” era of first-person shooters. It has the smooth, fast boomer shooting motion, a great weapon selection and sprawling, maze-like levels, but it’s really innovative in its presentation. Dark Forces looks for the music, sound effects and look of Star Wars, while telling a fairly in-depth story about Kyle Katarn, who looks like Han Solo, fighting against the Imperial remnant.

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