AIFD is setting the fashion world on fire with its new fashion film, Enchanted Odyssey – Style

Thirty-three students participated in the conceptualization and creation of the film, which showcases their work and celebrates creative people everywhere.

I don’t design clothes, said designer Ralph Lauren. “I design dreams.” But what happens when someone does both? The students at Iqra University’s Asian Institute of Fashion Design (AIFD) certainly have. In their new fashion film – touted as the first of its kind in Pakistan – they have combined high fashion designs, a dreamy concept and an abundance of youthful talent.

The film, conceptualized by AIFD Creative Director Faizan Dar, may have been shot by Darang Production, but the essence was all student-led. Thirty-three students participated in making the film, from the set to the clothes in it.

The film is entitled Enchanted Odyssey – and it is enchanted, filled with dreamy images, fluid designs and beautiful models draped in layers of colorful cloth. It was released in early December.

The process has been a year and a half in the making. Dar, now the school’s creative director, was approached by AIFD CEO Maheen Lakhani Ahmer to be part of her mission to steer the school on a new course. According to Dar, she recently returned to Pakistan after studying at London to take the school on a new course – she wanted to introduce the same curriculum as international organizations. she wanted the school to make a “U-turn”.

“Fashion and textiles [teaching] the scene in Pakistani is not comparable to what is done in the international scene, or even in India,” said Dar. They needed a renewal on an international scale, and a renewal is what they got.

Last year, the students collaborated on a music video with the very talented Maria Unera. This year they spent 10 months on Enchanted Odyssey.

The project has been put together by students from AIFD’s senior class. The seniors have to do two theses during their senior year and were given the opportunity to do this project instead of their other assignment – obviously everyone wanted to participate. Thirty-three students were selected and got to work on the project with Dar.

To create the “total fashion film”, the students researched, created mood boards, color palettes and prints. The prints, Dar told pictures, were first made by hand and later turned into digital prints. The blocks and screens were made by hand and the team worked on the silhouettes according to the individual themes.

The students even participated in the scenography process and were assisted by Artisans’ Studio. They fleshed out the idea first, then the theme. And then they started working on the story.

“They recycled a lot in the process and used scraps and scraps,” Dar said, adding that they also bought materials at discounted prices because the school did not have an unlimited budget for the project. They partnered with some well-known professionals for the project—like Rhyan Thomas for hair and makeup—but the pros followed the students’ mood boards and ideas.

Through this project, Dar believes students learn skills no other school teaches. When I was in the industry, I found that many designers failed to push themselves outside the box, he said, adding that even a basic kurta can be elevated. But he found little or no experiments. He believes designers must be mentally prepared and schools do not.

But AIF’s project is not all talk. To address the challenge that this video was too “conceptual” and not practical, they are creating a ready-to-wear line based on the collection. It will feature casual and semi-formal clothing both eastern and western. In the first drop, there will be nine looks, including five T-shirts from the psychedelic bliss section and two unstitched pieces – a sari and a velvet shawl.

Their brand, AIFD Prints, will be available at a pop-up shop on campus and online. There are also plans for an exhibition of the clothes. Production will take place in January.

Dar says they showcase the strengths of their students through the film because not everyone wants to be just a fashion designer. But no matter where they envision themselves after graduation, all the students are incredibly passionate about their work. “It’s different for designers. They do not get the same respect as say doctors or engineers. I asked them [the students] why they choose this field and they said they could have chosen another field and gained more respect, but they chose this because they are passionate about it,” he explained.

Through the film, they honor creative individuals – artists, other designers and everyone else. The film itself is told through the eyes of a young girl and shows the journey of all creative individuals, Dar explained. The movie says that your imagination can be as wild and crazy as you want.

According to Dar, it also conveys the “purpose of a designer” and the diversity of the AIFD and Iqra students. He said they have students from different places and different backgrounds. “We wanted to translate their mental stress into a video,” he explained.

This is not a one-time thing. Next time they will make a compilation and video, but it could be completely different.

But isn’t that the beauty of fashion and art – the ability to reinvent yourself and show off something completely new?

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