Ash Ketchum’s original VA thanks Pokemon for “Incredible” 25-year journey

Image: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company has announced that Ash Ketchum will be hanging up his trainer cap after 25 years early next year. The news has surprised many people around the world, including the current voice of Ash, and now it seems that the original voice of the character in the long-running anime series has also made an appearance.

Taking to social media, Veronica Taylor couldn’t believe it herself, mentioning in a follow-up tweet how it’s been an incredible journey for the character over the past 25 years. Here’s exactly what she had to say over a series of tweets:

“This announcement has really taken me by surprise. I’m filled with so much emotion… I guess I never saw Ash’s journey coming to an end. I need a minute to process… (This new beginning looks beautiful. )”

“To all you Pokemon Trainers out there…I choose YOU! I’m so happy to travel this spectacular journey with you, through all the ups and downs, we really are in this together!”

“An incredible 25-year journey like no other! This is truly the end of a very happy era. Ash and Pikachu are the heart of Pokémon. Ash may not age, but we’ve all grown up with their friendship and adventures.”

In the original announcement, The Pokémon Company mentioned that there would be another 11 episodes (starting on January 13, 2023 in Japan) focusing on Ash and Pikachu’s final chapter. His original adventure began back in April 1997.

Although it’s apparently the end of an era, The Pokémon Company has also announced a new anime series starring two new main characters and featuring the Paldea region’s starter Pokémon.

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