Brazilian legend Pele shows ‘progressive improvement’ after treatment in hospital

Brazil icon Pele shows ‘progressive recovery’ after having a respiratory infection treated in hospital… with the 82-year-old ‘stable, conscious and showing no further complications’ at a Sao Paulo hospital

  • Brazilian legend Pele was sent to hospital to treat a respiratory infection
  • His family dismissed reports that the 82-year-old was close to death
  • Reports in Brazil have stated that Pele is showing “progressive improvement”
  • It says he is showing “stable signs”, is “conscious” and “without further complications”
  • Pele wished Brazil luck on social media ahead of the South Korea win

Pele is showing signs of “progressive recovery” after being treated for a respiratory infection at a hospital in Sao Paulo.

Brazilian publication Globe says the icon’s condition is improving after he was taken to hospital for tests.

They add that the 82-year-old is “stable, conscious and has no further complications”.

The 82-year-old, who won the world championship three times in his career in 1958, 1962 and 1970, was left in hospital to treat a respiratory infection made worse by Covid.

Despite initial concerns that he was close to death, his daughters Flavia and Kely Nascimento quickly moved to quash those reports, saying he is “sick” but still supports Brazil in their bid to win the World Cup.

A tweet was published from Pele’s official account on Monday as he wished Brazil luck ahead of their 4-1 last 16 win over South Korea.

Brazilian reports have claimed that Pele is showing signs of recovery in hospital

Pele is one of the best footballers of all time and won three World Cups with Brazil

Pele is one of the best footballers of all time and won three World Cups with Brazil

The message, which included a picture of him as a young man, said: ‘In 1958 I walked the streets thinking about fulfilling the promise I made to my father.

“I know that many people today have made similar promises and will also be looking for their first World Cup.

“I’ll be watching the hospital game and I’ll be rooting for each and every one of you. Good luck!’

Pele is Brazil’s greatest ever player and fans in Qatar showed their support for him by unfurling banners inside the stadium when they played Cameroon in their final group stage match.

Similar demonstrations are expected as long as Brazil remain in the tournament, with French superstar Kylian Mbappe among those tweeting about Pele as “the king”.

Pele (right) pictured with daughter Flavia Nascimento (left) on Instagram in October

Pele (right) pictured with daughter Flavia Nascimento (left) on Instagram in October

His grandson Arthur revealed last week that they have discussed the fights heatedly over the phone.

He said Pele missed injured star Neymar in Brazil’s last two matches in Qatar – a 1-0 win against Switzerland and a 1-0 loss to Cameroon, both in the group stages.

Arthur added that Pele is worried about Brazil’s creativity without Neymar.

He said, ‘He believes it [Brazil] play good football. Without Neymar it is difficult.

“Even he says that, that he can’t create that much, but that with Neymar he can attack more. He thinks that Brazil is playing well and manages to get the sixth.

Claims that Pele was moved to “end of life” care led to a swift and violent reaction from his daughters.

Speaking to Fantastico, Kely explained: ‘About three weeks ago he got Covid. He is vaccinated, with all the vaccines, but because of the cancer medicine, the chemotherapy, which is fragile, he got a lung infection.

“That’s why he went to the hospital because of the lung infection. Is he serious? It is serious, because he is of a certain age, he is treating cancer.’

Flavia went on to explain how the hospital was the best place for Pele to get the care he needed, but insisted the 82-year-old was “not in intensive care”.

She said: ‘In the hospital he is getting better help. But he is not in the intensive care unit, he is in a regular room. So he is not in danger. As a person of more delicate health, it is better to be in the hospital.’

Kely added: “People are sending me their condolences (on social media). I say I’m going to put the phone down and I’m not going to answer anyone.

“I just feel like I have to answer people. Not to tell everything, but to say that it is not like that. We’re not rushing there to say goodbye.

“We take turns, he’s sick, he’s old, but he’s there because of a lung infection. He is on antibiotics and when he gets better he goes back home. He doesn’t say goodbye at the hospital.

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