Britain’s ‘most spoiled toddler’ gets £2,500 worth of Christmas presents

Kasey Akram and her two-year-old son Jareem live in Sheffield (Image: SWNS)

Whoever wrote that it’s better to give than to receive never got a Burberry tracksuit for Christmas, unlike this little boy.

This is just one of the many gifts Kasey Akram has earmarked for her son Jareem, who has been dubbed ‘Britain’s most spoiled toddler’.

Alongside £350 of designer loungewear, the two-year-old will get a stay in a winter cabin, a train ride, a six-foot toy dinosaur, a golden bracelet, an ET toy, a bike and a robot cat.

The little boy had also asked his mum for a real dolphin, but instead he has to settle for a luxury holiday to the Canary Islands.

The 33-year-old hopes to buy 100 presents for his son for Christmas this year, and has been saving up since May for the sum.

Kasey, who receives benefits, splashes out £1,000 in total, while Jareem’s dad spends around £1,500.

“A lot of my family don’t celebrate Christmas, so this is just for Jareem. He has 33 stocking stuffers, and then I have a lot of presents, said the full-time mom.

Pictured Jareem Akram.

The little boy has been dubbed ‘Britain’s most spoiled toddler’ (Image: SWNS)

Pictured Kasey Akram and son Jareem Akram

His mother has been saving since May to buy him 100 gifts for the holidays (Image: SWNS)

“He said he wanted a dolphin which I can’t buy, so instead I’m taking him to the Canary Islands in the summer – we’re going to a water park where you can see dolphins.

“It’s about £1,300 and it’s his main present and his first holiday – he’ll be two and a half when we go.

“I want to get him something to wear for Christmas Day or Christmas Eve – I like Burberry, so I want to get him a Burberry two-piece.”

Kasey asked her son’s father, who cannot be named, not to buy her anything for her birthday – but to put it on Christmas for Jareem instead.

She also goes all out on decorations for, including a seven-foot tree.

Pictured Kasey Akram and son Jareem Akram

Some of the gifts included Burberry clothing and a trip to the Canary Islands (Image: SWNS)

Other big ticket purchases include a family visit to ‘Santa’s Sleepover’ at Alton Towers for £475.

She said: ‘Jareem wants a train that you sit on and ride around – you attach the track together and then ride around on it.

“I thought I’d put it around the Christmas tree and set it up the night before, I’m also trying to get hold of a snow machine.

“Jareem has a Christmas tree, it’s a small three foot one and then he’s going to have a six foot one is his bedroom and I’m ordering a seven foot one for the living room.

“When he wakes up, he wants his gifts down there and then more down.

Pictured Kasey Akram and son Jareem Akram

Other big ticket purchases include a family visit to ‘Santa’s Sleepover’ at Alton Towers (Image: SWNS)

“We’re going to Santa’s overnight stay at Alton Towers – it’s like in Lapland, they make snow and you get a letter and a present from Santa.”

As the cost of living crisis only gets worse, Kasey says she wants Jareem to know the value of money and how lucky he is.

So she takes him out to donate gifts to those struggling in Sheffield, where they live.

They will hand out scarves, socks and soaps in old shoeboxes to homeless people on the streets.

“Jareem has also chosen a gift to give away to Cash for Kids – they give a gift to local shelters and charities, to help low income people get gifts,” said Kasey.

“We do what we do every year where we make Christmas cupcakes and mouse pies and make Christmas boxes and take them around.

“We’ll take a sack and Jareem in his pram – he can’t think you’re not giving back.”

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