Captain Morgan and Ben Baller Ring in The Holidays

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and Ben Baller come together to present another icy collaboration, this time, for the holidays. The renowned jeweler was commissioned to create a set of diamond-encrusted shot glasses for the Captain on Ice campaign. In line with the launch of the extravagant glasses, Ben Baller also presents his preferred signature drink, The Ice and Spice, specially made with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum.

Over the course of the Captain on Ice partnership, Ben Baller has created several luxurious pieces for Captain Morgan. Some standouts include a diamond encrusted necklace for the 2022 Ultimate Fan of the Year, which featured a necklace made entirely of goalposts along with the icy Captain Morgan motif. Another complicating creation was a co-branded digital POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) that helped propel Captain Morgan into Web3.0 at VeeCon – along with the NFTs, the partnership gave away the very chain POAP was inspired by to one lucky fan . Since the partnership began in 2021, Captain Morgan and Ben Baller have dropped five original chilled chains, and now fans have a chance to win unique shot glasses.

The new holiday-inspired collaboration features a pair of limited edition shot glasses plated in solid yellow gold with diamonds on the bottom marking the glass as “2 of 2”. Across the center of the pair is Captain Morgan and the BB collaboration symbol. “With the creation of the shot glasses, Captain Morgan has given me the advice to actually translate my jewelry craft into a more realistic perspective of who I really am,” said Ben Baller. As for the jeweler-to-the-star Ice and Spice Cocktail – this special concoction features Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum in a seasonally flavorful mix. “I wanted to make something that was a universal drink, something that’s not too difficult to make at home,” explains Ben Baller. “You have an ounce and a half of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, an ounce of cranberry – a half ounce of lemon juice topped with seltzer water, garnished with cranberry and fresh lemon garnish, it’s perfect.”

1.5oz Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
1 oz cranberry juice
0.5 oz fresh lemon juice
Top with Seltzer Water
Garnish: Cranberry and lemon slice

In the season of giving, Captain Morgan and Ben Baller are letting fans add unique diamond-encrusted shot glasses to their home bar with a contest. From now until December 18th, Fans 21+ can follow @CaptainMorganUSA and @BenBaller on Instagram to find out how to enter the contest. More information and complete rules for competitions can be found here

Disclaimer: We advise against irresponsible and/or underage drinking. Drink responsibly and legally.

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