Cardano founder Hoskinson distances himself from the XRP community

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson declared that he would no longer offer his views on Ripple or XRP-related topics in a December 16 video.

Hoskinson revealed that he made the decision because the XRP community had “viciously” attacked him for his views on the ongoing lawsuit with the regulator.

The Cardano founder had previously predicted that the lawsuit would be settled on December 15, citing people familiar with the matter. However, since the case did not end on the said date, some XRP community members described him as a liar.

Hoskinson distances himself from Ripple

Hoskinson said he no longer sees the importance of answering XRP or Ripple-related questions. He added that he would not even talk about the trial after the final settlement. “If I’m asked in the future, I’ll just say no comment,” he said.

According to him, the XRP community mocked, harassed and brutalized him for rejecting their conspiracy theories surrounding the matter.

“Never in my career in this area have I encountered a community so willing to attack a person who frankly has not attacked them.”

Meanwhile, the Ethereum co-founder also tweeted that XRP provides “no partnership or technical value.” He added that the coin’s community was “toxic and petty.”

Update on the case

A tweet from James Filan on December 15 revealed that Paradigm Operations LP filed a motion for its in-house counsel Rodrigo Seira to take over as Amicus Curiae. According to Jeremy Hogan, Paradigm may be trying to save costs from the proceedings.

Several rumors had surfaced that the settlement of the SEC lawsuit against Ripple was scheduled for the week that just ended. However, the crypto community is hopeful that the case will be decided in favor of Ripple, in the end.

XRP price performance

Ripple’s XRP was hit by the market-wide selloff experienced in the past week. Coinmarketcap data shows that the coin fell by over 9% in the last seven days.

XRP 24 Hour Price Performance

In 24 hours calculations, the original coin fell by 0.55% to $0.35.

Despite the poor performance, Santiment data shows that whales have continued to buy the asset. According to the data aggregator, whales holding over 100,000 coins have increased by over 6% in the past five weeks.


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