Chosen Identity is quietly the best Dracthyr ability in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

I’m blown away by my new Dractyr Evoker – a big blue boy who has thrown himself into the Horde. But this honeymoon has not been without bumps. Actually, it’s just a bump. The Dracthyr can’t really take advantage of World of Warcraft’s gigantic wardrobe. This has been a huge problem for me, given that dressing up is half the reason I’ve spent so much time in MMOs.

There’s a reason why you get to customize your Evoker’s armor before starting your adventure in Dragonflight (opens in a new tab): you’re not going to get many more opportunities. When you get your hands on a new piece of mail armor, you’ll notice that your appearance hardly changes at all. And all those transmog options you’ve unlocked? No longer available. It’s not a bug, it’s just the price of looking like a draconian shit.

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