Claudia Winkleman’s The Traitors sends another double elimination twist

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The traitors spoilers follow.

The traitors only premiered this week, but it’s definitely off to a bang.

Wednesday’s episode (December 1) proved that despite it being only the third day of the show, no one is safe.

In fact, two players were eliminated during the episode – Claire and Imran – with a shock ending that puts three other players in danger in the next round.

claire, the traitors

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The show started with a tense breakfast, as the contestants waited to see who would show up, and who had been “murdered” by the traitors the night before.

The wait was especially difficult for Tom and Matt as they both waited for Alex to finally show up. Tom and Alex are secretly a couple, and Alex has been flirting with Matt to try and take the attention away from himself and his girlfriend.

As Alex and Claire were the last to arrive, Matt shared a page: “It comes down to the last two people. It’s Alex or Claire. And I sit there like torn. Do you go with the mommy figure who is amazing or the girl who you think could potentially be your future wife?”

Claire was eventually revealed to be the murdered party.

imran, the traitors

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A tease in next week’s episodes suggests that Alex and Tom’s relationship may come to the surface…will lovelorn Matt and the other contestants be forgiving when they learn of the couple’s deception?

Later, at the round table, the players gathered to try to figure out who a traitor might be…and they were wrong again.

Imran – the youngest astrophysics PhD student in his discipline – was eliminated from the show, telling the others: “I just want to say I had a lot of fun. I came here for the challenge, something completely new. I met some really wonderful people in here and to be honest I think there are many more noble people who will end up spending the money they win. I … am a faithful one.”

Meanwhile, today’s wheel of fun mission added £8,700 to the prize pool, bringing the total to a whopping £31,700.

How far the traitors will be willing to go to deceive the faithful and win the jackpot will be further revealed next week.

The traitors continues on BBC One and iPlayer next week. Watch the first three episodes on BBC iPlayer now.

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