Coronation Street star Channique Sterling-Brown rules out affair

Coronation Street Star Channique Sterling-Brown has explicitly ruled out an affair plot between her character Dee-Dee and her boss Adam Barlow.

Talking to Inside soapit Corrie newcomer said there was no chance of an affair between the two.

“Nothing untoward will happen there – definitely not,” she said, “I think Adam and Dee-Dee are going to be a really fun team.”

If anything, Sterling-Brown said her character is much more likely to annoy her boss than strike up a romantic relationship.


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“She’ll annoy him because she’s chaotic and a whirlwind, but at the end of it, he’ll value her as a lawyer above all else, and people will enjoy that dynamic.

“And as for romance… Well, men are a luxury for Dee-Dee – not a necessity,” she added of the boss, who is currently married to Sarah.

Tips for an exciting Christmas episodesaid the soap star: “I’m really looking forward to the Christmas Day episode. What I love about it is that there’s time for each of the families, and that’s the whole reason Dee-Dee is at home – to be with the Baileys.”

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according to Corrie the star she and her character are so similar that when she first read the script, she burst out laughing.

“It’s crazy how similar we are, right down to the career in law, as it was something I strongly considered before going to drama school,” Sterling-Brown revealed.

“I’m a bit dramatic like Dee-Dee and I like to think I’m more organized than her – but not by much,” she joked.

Discussing the character’s plans for the future, Sterling-Brown said, “I want to see Dee-Dee kick some butt in the courtroom. It’s so fun that she’s a high-flying career woman of color and that I get to represent that.”

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