‘Cost of living’ crowdfunding for Christmas grows as communities come together | UK News

As the cost of living crisis threatens livelihoods and communities, a growing number of people have turned to crowdfunding platforms to offset some of the worst costs.

Go Fund Me said it had seen a 63% increase in Christmas fundraising citing the “cost of living”.

The crisis is causing more people to rely on charity support to survive – but as demand increases, donations to established charities look set to fall.

A Charities Aid Foundation survey found that 14% of people plan to cut back on charitable donations in the next six months.

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But as inflation bites and those in need call for help, they find their calls are being answered by people rallying to help, with money donated straight into their pockets.

From a city trying to keep its Christmas lights on to a former childhood cancer patient raising money to help families in the same position, thousands have been raised through the platform.

A community trust smashed its £10,000 target and will be unable to hand out festive baskets to those who might otherwise not be able to afford a Christmas meal.

Chloe, seven, and Joey Kostur, five, have raised almost £1,000 to help people with their food bills and set themselves the challenge of walking 100 miles in 100 days.

The couple set themselves the goal of walking every day to raise money, and once they reached day 46, they show no signs of stopping.

They will continue to run daily until February 3.

Mum Lucy told Sky News: “They were quite worried about how other people would experience Christmas this year – I think they talk about it quite a bit at school.

“They’re just very thoughtful kids.”

They spent £400 of their money on toys and presents for other children and spent the weekend wrapping them with their family.

The rest of the money collected will be converted into food vouchers.

“They would run around the store and tap the card and pay for people’s shopping, bless them,” Lucy said. “But hopefully the vouchers will mean they can provide more targeted support.”

John Coventry, VP International at GoFundMe, said: “As the cost of living crisis starts to hit many people across the UK, we are seeing a significant increase in people raising money on GoFundMe to keep Christmas alive this year.

“It looks set to be a tough time for many people – but the spirit of kindness and community support looks stronger than ever this Christmas.”

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