Cristiano Ronaldo’s second half at Manchester United in numbers

Cristiano Ronaldo’s second half at Manchester United in numbers

Cristiano Ronaldo has left Manchester United by “mutual agreement”. This comes in the background of an explosive interview he gave to Piers Morgan – published in the week before the World Cup. Considering very few footballers have had their careers defined by numbers as much as Ronaldo, By the numbers takes a look at all the key figures from his second stop at Manchester United.

10 against 0

Titles Ronaldo had in his first stint at Manchester United vs titles won in his second stint.

He also played 292 games and scored 118 goals in his first stint compared to 27 goals in 54 games the second time around.

0.64 versus 0.84

Ronaldo has gotten better with age with sheer numbers. His goals per game before turning 30 was 0.64 while his goals per game after turning 30 is 0.84


However, a deeper dive shows that his numbers have declined again since he passed 35. (He turns 38 next February.)

At age 30: 58 goals @1.04

At age 31: 54 goals @0.94

At age 32: 53 goals @0.90

At age 33: 49 goals @0.91

At age 34: 45 goals @0.90

At age 35: 40 goals @0.83

At age 36: 41 goals @0.68

At age 37: 15 goals @0.41


Ronaldo finished 20th in the Ballon d’Or rankings this year, his lowest position since 2005 when he finished 20th with Jamie Carragher.

30 of 31

31 players in Europe’s top 5 leagues have taken 100 shots (or more) in Europe’s top 5 leagues this season. The following numbers indicate the drop in efficiency that has affected Ronaldo in 2022/23.

Goal: 13 (26 of 31)

xG: 16.97 (20th)

Shooting target added: 4.83 (30th)

[Shooting Goals Added measures the quality of a player’s shots on target]

Conversion rate: 11% (27th)

On target percentage: 32% (30th)

1 of 49

Since 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo has only scored 1 of 49 direct free kicks taken, which had a cumulative xG value of 3.05 (10 of 49 on target)

44 (potential)

If Portugal do not make it out of the group stage, Ronaldo will have played a maximum of 44 games in 2022, which would be his fewest games played in a calendar year since he played just 36 games in 2003 for club and country. Ronaldo is on pace to play his fewest minutes in a calendar year since 2004 and his fewest minutes per game since 2005.

212 (potential)

Ronaldo’s 212 minutes per goal this year is also on pace to become his most since 2005 (309.2)

1.2 against 2.0

Comparing Manchester United numbers when Ronaldo starts and doesn’t start this season. [All stats compared to as When Starting vs When Not Starting]

Game: 10 against 11

Goal: 1.2 against 2.0

xG: 1.7 against 1.6

On target %: 31% versus 44%

Conversion Goals: 7% versus 14%

Attack Third Recovery: 4.2 against 5.2

Average sequence time: 11.7 against 8.6

% proceeding: 29% vs. 34%

Completed balls: 0.8 versus 1.5


Of course Ronaldo hit a landmark in this second half at Manchester United: 700 club goals! We had broken that number down earlier, here.

So where does Ronaldo end up after the World Cup? Read more here.

(Stats courtesy: ESPN Stats and Information Group)

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