Darktide’s crafting system isn’t entirely clear because Fatshark ‘scraped it out and started over’ in the middle of development

Warhammer 40K: Darktide’s had a somewhat unusual launch: through a two-week pre-order beta, developer Fatshark rolled out a selection of new missions and features alongside frequent bug fixes. One glaringly missing ingredient was the crafting system – and on launch day, it was still largely missing. Only one of four aspects of the crafting system is currently available, with the rest marked “Opening Soon!” This has not sat well with some players, who have pointed out that the premium cosmetics store was ready for launch, but crafts were not. So I spoke to Fatshark’s lead developers about why they called.

“The amount of time we’ve spent on the shop compared to the crafting system is just a fraction. I actually think we spent too little time on the premium shop – we should have spent more time getting the packs right,” said Fatshark co-founder Martin Wahlund. (Wahlund is referring to a feature in the store that will allow players to buy the exact amount of premium currency they need, which Fatshark explained was accidentally left out).

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