Deontay Wilder’s trainer sees Anthony Joshua as a three-round fight

Of Jack Tiernan: Deontay Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott wants the ‘Bronze Bomber’ to face Anthony Joshua in 2023 after his fight in March against an opponent that remains a draw.

Malik believes a fight between the two former heavyweight champions, Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) and Wilder (43-2, 42 KOs), is destined to last just three rounds, with his fighter Deontay emerging victorious.

With Joshua losing his last two fights to a lesser heavyweight, Oleksandr Usyk, Scott isn’t sure where AJ is mentally after those two defeats.

He believes Joshua may need to rebuild mentally before taking on Wilder, but being a “big-time” fighter, tune-ups don’t make sense for him at the level he’s at right now.

Scott is excited about Wilder’s potential now that he has learned his new fighting system, and he wants him to only face the big names in the division because he feels he can beat them all.

If Wilder can’t get Joshua next, Malik wants him to face IBF/WBA/WBO champion Usyk or WBC champion Tyson Fury for a fourth fight between them.

Wilder should fight four times a year

“I think Deontay should fight three or four times a year, but it’s in the makeup world right now, especially if we work like we did last October [against Robert Helenius]” Malik Scott told The Good Fight when asked about Deontay Wilder’s next fight.

“With his kind of power and the way he takes to my system that we’re working on right now, results like that can happen every game. What do you do with a guy with that kind of freakish power? You have to keep him busy.

“But for the sake of the business and for the sake of big fights, and these big fights have to be promoted over a period of time, fights take time. If it was up to me, I’d like to see Wilder back in the ring in the first quarter of March.

“I think he should be back at training camp in January. Everything is going to be fine according to the schedule. I think he’s a boxing great, so Deontay should go into a world title fight.

“Negotiations are going on right now with a couple of guys. When negotiations are ongoing with Deontay, they are either title eliminators or title matches. He’s just the established type of fighter.

“I really thought that Usyk would come to the fight with Helenius because this is what was told. But Usyk has big plans focused only on Tyson Fury. Right there is the business aspect of it,” Malik said.

Deontay vs. Joshua is an ideal match

“If it was up to me, Deontay would do Anthony Joshua. Deontay, myself and our team want that, but Joshua has a rebuilding type of conversation,” Scott said.

“So it’s about whoever we can get in the ring but also meets the top boxing criteria at a high level in terms of marketing, regarding the fans and things like that.

“Before the Helenius fight in interviews I said I want Usyk or AJ next, but since Usyk has declined and decided he’s just going to wait for Fury, AJ is available. In my opinion, he’s available.

“But mentally, he’s available,” Malik said of Joshua. “Physically, he can do it. What I mean is he willing to fight Deontay right now? Deontay is ready to fight anyone in the world, especially these names I’m mentioning right now. The Unsick, Anthony Joshua’s and even Fury part four.

“I’m very interested in it. At this level of his career, I would,” Malik said when asked if he would give the green light for Joshua to fight Wilder next if he was AJ’s trainer.

“One, the fight should have happened, and two, he lost to Oleksandr Usyk twice. Three, I also think Anthony Joshua is a big boxer. These guys don’t get old. Let’s get these big fights.

“I would hate for so much time to go by and we end up with another Riddick Bowe – Lennox Lewis type of situation. These greats didn’t get the chance to fight each other.

“These types of fights are not just good for boxing. They are good for the world, for the culture and for the young children who want to see this kind of fight.

“So, I just think it should happen, but we can wish it all we want. AJ has to want the match, his team has to want it, and Eddie [Hearn] must want to do good business.

“Him and Shelly [Finkel] must connect to make this happen. Otherwise, Deontay is going to do bigger and better things, whatever that may be. I hope he doesn’t do much for him to want to fight my fighter, Deontay Wilder.

“This is what I understand. The lack of mental strength might not be there because he lost to a smaller guy. To face a specimen like Deontay Wilder, you might have to build yourself up to take on that kind of fighter. I understand.

“The benefits and the things I see Deontay doing with what Joshua shows up. Mentally tough, not mentally tough; it’s a three-round fight, in my opinion. He can’t get away.

“Deontay is not a big guy. It’s a big guy who hits slowly. It comes fast and you can’t get out of it. If you can’t get out of the way of that, you’re in trouble. AJ is in trouble if he signs the contract, Scott said.

Joshua should train with Goosen

“I think Joe Goosen is the perfect match for someone like AJ,” Malik said. “Why? It speaks for itself here in America. You have a good trainer Barry Robinson who is always available to do good business and is always willing to work with anybody, listen and take to his system.

“If we’re talking about here [U.S]. The [Team Joshua] came to Los Angeles and they didn’t even stop to see Joe Goosen. I don’t understand how. Joe Goosen is a legitimate Hall of Fame trainer who has done it all in boxing. He is a drill master.

“You’re going to drill every day, he’s a motivator, and he’s articulate with the instructions. He’s calm, he’s cool, and he’s done everything that can possibly be done. But it seems like they come everywhere, in my opinion, it doesn’t sit well with AJ.

“I think what AJ needs is Joe Goosen. Goosen has the recipe.

“In the Deontay Wilder-Tyson Fury first fight, Deontay’s feet were much faster and his high hand was much higher. What did it do? That gave him a lot more time to counterpunch against Tyson Fury.

“The small little things help in high-level fights. In the second fight, his high hand was low and Tyson’s hands were high and he was able to maul Deontay a little bit more.

What you noticed in the third fight, Deontay did a lot of decoys in the first four rounds. He was going to the body, he was going to the shoulder. He looked down and shot up. He tried different things.

“In my opinion, he had more success in the third game than he did in the second game,” Scott said.

Malik is not interested in Andy Ruiz

“I’m not crazy about the fight,” Malik said of Wilder potentially fighting Andy Ruiz Jr in a WBC-booked title eliminator. “The markets there, when I think about it. Andy is Mexican, he’s tough and a former heavyweight champion.

“He just hit [Luis] Ortiz. I won’t say I’m not excited for the game. I’ll just say I’m more excited for him to fight AJ or Usyk. What he has is these titles,” Malik said of unified champion Usyk. “Andy doesn’t have the titles.

“If Deontay cuts Ruiz, which I think he will if the fight happens, people are going to look at it like, ‘Andy’s tough, but.’ That’s just how people think.

“Me, how I’m thinking, ‘Oh man, we beat Andy Ruiz. He was tough, he was fast. But if we talk about the condition of the viewers, they will not see it like that. Andy can fight. “I’m just really big on Deontay fighting Usyk or Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury for the fourth time,” Malik said.

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