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The holidays are about to get a little stranger on Disney+. Disney has announced that its latest animated feature “Strange World” will be coming to its flagship streaming service on Friday the 23rd. December, just over a month after the cinema debut on 23 November.

The film is about the Clades, a legendary family of explorers who are not as effective at getting along as they are at discovering new adventures. As the family prepares to embark on a journey to a mysterious planet named Avalonia, they must put aside their differences and learn to work together. The film features an impressive voice cast including Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Gabrielle Union, Lucy Liu, Jaboukie Young-White and Alan Tudyk.

Watch a trailer for “Strange World”:

The film’s streaming debut comes quite a bit earlier than The Streamable expected. Our prediction was that “Strange World” would come to Disney+ on Sunday, January 7, but several factors combined to ensure that the film would be available to stream just in time for Christmas.

Firstly, the film did not do well at the box office. “Strange World” is set to lose well over $100 million thanks to its weak theatrical performance, according to Variety. Critics have praised the film’s animation and visual tone, but some have suggested that the plot treads on ground that has been well trodden before.

Another factor that may have hampered the film’s box office sales is that Disney may have trained audiences to expect new animated films to go straight to Disney+. Movies like “Luca” and “Soul” went straight to streaming during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Disney animated films are likely to attract the attention of families when they can be streamed from home, rather than trying to coordinate an expensive trip to the theater with the children in tow to see them.

The move to stream “Strange World” so soon after its theatrical release mirrors the strategy Disney used with “Encanto.” That film was Disney’s 2021 Thanksgiving release, and it also struggled to make a theatrical run before moving to streaming on Christmas Eve 2021. The good news for Disney is that after going to Disney+, the film became a viral sensation thanks to be that the songs became wild. popular on TikTok.

Whether “Strange World” will receive a similar level of viral attention after its streaming release is yet to be determined. But Disney fans won’t have to wait long to find out, as the film is headed to Disney+ on Friday the 23rd. December.

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