Elon Musk reveals that Twitter will soon release a new feature

Elon Musk continues to contact Twitter users directly for feedback on his newly acquired platform.

In a tweet earlier today, the billionaire/boss of Twit turned the spotlight on hatchers who consume the content but don’t contribute. He politely encouraged these so-called ‘judge scrollers’ to get involved.

“I meet so many people who read twitter every day but hardly ever tweet,” he wrote. “If I may ask for indulgence, please add your voice to the public dialogue!”

Musk has reason to be concerned. According to a study conducted in 2021, about 25% of Twitter users in the United States produce about 97% of all tweets.

His plea to be more active on the platform received nearly 85,000 responses, but he particularly addressed one from a Twitter user named Rocket_Medic who, perhaps channeling hundreds of thousands of others in the Twitterverse, wrote:

“I reply a lot … nobody reads my tweets.”

Musk then asked Rocket_Medic if he was aware of Twitter Analytics, which can be viewed by clicking on the graph at the bottom right of all users’ tweets. The feature lets you know how many times people have viewed, retweeted, liked and replied to each tweet.

Musk told Medic that he shouldn’t be bothered by the low response rate since it’s not the metric that really matters. “Those who read tweets outnumber those who reply/retweet/like tweets by over 1000%,” Musk wrote.

At this point, Musk revealed an upcoming feature that had not yet been discussed publicly.

Twitter will soon start showing tweet reach up front on all tweets, just like they do for video views.

Reaction to Musk’s announcement seemed largely positive, with over 15,000 likes. But one user was not convinced.

@JamieHutchens4 replied:

“My tweets get zero reactions. I think that’s the case with most people. No reactions makes you feel unimportant. Avoiding that feeling is probably why a lot of people don’t tweet. Most people probably don’t even realize it’s the reason that they are not. Tweeting.”

Musk replied: “How many views do your tweets get?”

At press time, @JamieHutchens4 still hadn’t answered Musk’s question.

Ironically, his tweet has been liked over 10,000 times, with almost 800 replies.

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