Elon Musk takes a poll on whether he should step down as Twitter CEO

Elon Musk has come under fire during the recent policy changes on Twitter. Over the past few days, Musk has been at the helm of some major policy changes on Twitter. This has led to a few account suspensions and a lot more drama.

Amid all the chaos, Musk has taken to a Twitter poll asking if he should step down as head of Twitter. The billionaire also said he would follow the results of the poll. The development comes just as Musk has been looking for new investors for the social media platform.


With 6 hours left until the vote at press time, 10.6 million votes have been cast with 56% saying they want Musk to go. The recent decision comes just 45 days after the takeover of Twitter.

There have been major political changes on the social media platform ever since Musk took over. This includes hiring half of the staff and also bringing back some of the previously suspended accounts. Also, there has been a lot of chatter on Wall Street that Musk’s Twitter attack is negatively affecting Tesla stock.

Twitter bans journalists

In one of its kind efforts to restore free speech on the platform, Twitter banned a few journalists from CNN and The Washington Post alleging they took on his position. However, this move drew heavy condemnation from the United Nations as well as the American Civil Liberties Union who called it a “dangerous precedent”.

Over the weekend, Twitter also announced policy changes that said it would ban accounts created solely to promote other social media platforms. However, this led to the suspension of one of the most prominent accounts which prompted Musk to step in and say he would make a few tweaks to the policy just hours after the rollout.

These rapid changes in Twitter policies have also made it difficult for users and advertisers to cope. It has also created great unpredictability about the content.

Get his act right, Musk wrote: “Going forward, major political changes will be voted on. I’m sorry. Will not happen again”.

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