Emerging trailer: Michelle Williams and Kelly Reichardt reunite for a tender slice of life Drama

The title of “best Michelle Williams performance in years” is officially up for debate. This much everyone can agree on: she absolutely dazzles in Steven Spielberg’s autobiographical ode to cinema, The Fablemans, and steals the show as the free-spirited mother who encourages Sammy’s artistic sensibilities. But that only makes it all the more impressive to catch a glimpse of her in “Showing Up,” in which she plays a frail Portland sculptor whose professional and personal life crumbles around her. Based on early reviews from Cannes and NYFF, this is another masterclass performance from Williams and another showcase for the talents of director Kelly Reichardt (“First Cow,” “Night Moves”).

Given Reichardt’s track record of contemplative dramas about the American working class, the premise of “Showing Up” should come as no surprise. According to the synopsis, “A sculptor (Williams) preparing to open a new show must balance his creative life with the daily dramas of family and friends, in Kelly Reichardt’s lively and captivatingly funny portrait of art and craft.”

“Showing Up” also marks the fourth collaboration between Reichardt and Williams, who first teamed up on 2008’s “Wendy and Lucy,” a film about a woman and her lost dog. They later collaborated on “Meek’s Cutoff”, followed by “Certain Women” (which also starred Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern). Now the duo will continue their rewarding partnership with another close-up look at the life of a Northwest woman in need.

Watch The Showing Up Trailer

“Showing Up” takes place during a frustrating week. The run-up to Lizzie’s big showcase involves finishing her last sculptures, befriending a pigeon, raging at her landlord about the lack of hot water in her apartment, and generally being worried about the future prospects of her artistic career. Based on the trailer, a real centerpiece of the film appears to be her complicated relationship with Hong Chau’s Jo – her neighbor, landlord and artistic rival. The rest of the supporting cast includes André Benjamin, Judd Hirsch, John Magaro, Lauren Lakis, Denzel Rodriguez, Jean-Luc Boucherot, Ted Rooney, Maryann Plunkett, Heather Lewis, Ben Coonley, Chase Hawkins, Izabel Mar and James Le Gross.

Will “Showing Up” be a worthy follow-up to Reichardt’s critically acclaimed border drama, “First Cow”? Based on the chatter coming out of the festival circuit, it seems like a yes. In her NYFF review for /Film, Caroline Cao wrote, “In the hands of a less astute director, a portrait of a distressed artist—a sculptor in this case—could feed into the worst impulses of indulgence or overexploitation. Fortunately, director Kelly Reichardt lets never did ‘Showing Up’ (a simple and sparse script by writer Jon Raymond) stumble into any of these pitfalls.”

“Showing Up” is directed by Reichardt, who co-wrote the screenplay with his frequent collaborator, Jonathan Raymond. A24 plans to release the film in spring 2023.

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