Fortnite Exotics and Mythics in Chapter 4 Season 1: All Special Weapons and Items

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 packs quite a few new things to check out, so you won’t have any trouble picking up new things to play with. But some things never change – including the fact that there are a number of them Exotic and Mythical weapons you can find or buy on the map. Some are new and some are returning favorites, but we’ve got the full list of them here to help you find them all.

All exotic weapon emplacements

There are six exotic weapons or items this season, as well as one Mythic that can be won as a drop in a boss fight we’ll describe below. The locations and costs of each are below, but it’s worth noting that we’ve also found at least one of these in Holo-Chests, which spawn around the map and need to be opened with a key. Be sure to pair this guide with our complete NPC locations guide to find all the Fortnite characters this season.