Games in 2022: Gran Turismo 7 had the best musical interlude from Idris Elba

If you asked me to describe the Gran Turismo series in one word, it would never be “cool”. Enormous? Yes. Detailed? Definitely, but cool? Not really. When I want to play a “cool” racing game, I go to the latest Forza Horizon or maybe even an old copy of Need for Speed ​​Underground (cheesy cool, OK?). I didn’t go into Gran Turismo 7 expecting to be this impressed.

But then came Idris Elba.

Starting in Gran Turismo 7 feels soulless. Waiting for the game to download, tap a few options on various menus to adjust the controls and how the game looks on the TV. Everything so necessary, yet completely flat. Imagine being a kid tasting Gran Turismo for the first time with…this?

A bit in, but you can play Music Rally while you wait for the rest to be ready. Much is made of the game’s opening FMV that tells the story of cars (and it’s huge), so it’s easy to forget that the first taste of racing comes from Music Rally. You can choose between three racing tracks with accompanying music. Iconic tracks, but how could you not choose the Tokyo Expressway? This is Gran Turismo after all! It feels right to start somewhere in Japan. And there it is – the song list below. It’s called Vroom…really? I have no idea if I should know who The FanaTiX is (sorry, I’m getting old), but I know Idris Elba. Included in the song is an inspired touch that gives an immediately likable quality to the whole thing.

This is Vroom!

Simply called Vroom, you can guess the song’s theme. Vroom has lyrics about driving Maseratis, Bugattis, Mustangs, you get the idea. Even before Elba starts rapping, it’s catchy. A chorus of “Vroom, vroom, vroom” might not be the smartest lyrics, but it sticks in your head. Then Elba’s deep tones emerge, rapping away about seeing him in a variety of cool, high-end cars. On its own, you’ll end up smiling at how charming it is (not unlike the actor himself), but when you step onto the field for the first time? It is immediately amazing.

There are relatively few moments in gaming where everything clicks perfectly and you feel a pure sense of joy. This is one of those. As Idris Elba raps away, you find yourself accelerating a little more intensely, trying to take that corner in a more rhythmic way than before, and simply losing yourself to the moment. Whatever you think about the necessity of the game (which I also love), the people in the cafe constantly giving you new things to aim at, or the rather cold exterior of the whole thing, the driving experience is fantastic. Combined with this pleasant but ridiculous track? It’s a moment that will likely stick with you for some time to come. It certainly has for me. A smile spreads across my face the moment I hear the track and I immediately want to reach for my PS5 again.

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