Giving crypto and holiday spirit gifts to everyone with XGo’s Web2.5

Giving crypto and holiday spirit gifts to everyone with XGo’s Web2.5

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While the crypto market goes up and down in an almost hypnotic lull, there is one thing everyone is looking forward to – the holidays. As the end of the year soon approaches, Christmas and New Year are knocking on the door. Still, the uncertainty in the global economic landscape may put a damper on the holiday season for some this year.

With inflation raging (8.8% globally in 2022, according to the International Monetary Fund), and prices rising across the board, the holiday season can be overwhelming. However, ambitious projects like XGo are trying to bring more stability to the space by incorporating next-generation concepts and bringing web2 and web3 closer together.

Web3 is for everyone, but not yet

One of the significant changes web3 aims to deliver is to allow a decentralized financial structure to flourish and become available to everyone in the world. Currently, traditional banking is largely unavailable in some regions of the world, leaving more than 1 billion people worldwide unbanked, according to the latest Global Findex Database survey. With the global introduction of web3, those who currently do not have a bank will have easier and safer access to financial instruments.

In addition, web3 will give those involved in the traditional banking world access to a fairer and safer financial system. With web3, users will be able to pay their bills in crypto and buy goods and services with their digital assets without having to go through an intermediary.

Although web3 may sound like the perfect solution, the global financial market still needs to catch up to achieve worldwide adoption of this technology. This is where projects like XGo come in and make a difference.

XGo introduces web2.5

XGo positions itself as the bridge between web2 and web3 by introducing a revolutionary web2.5 concept. Currently web2 rules the world and web3 is only available to investors who have spent time educating themselves and learning how to use it. Also, web3 is not at all global yet.

XGo’s web2.5 concept will give users access to a decentralized economy without having to invest time in figuring out how it all works. The company has designed a blockchain-based access wallet that will function both as a savings account and as a means of transacting across a variety of blockchains.

In particular, the onboarding process of web2.5 has been simplified so that users unfamiliar with the crypto space can also benefit from it. Ultimately, XGo is looking to bring decentralized finance to both the unbanked and the banked population. In addition, XGo’s Superfluid Staking mechanism allows traders to take advantage of passive income mechanics at the push of a button.

According to the XGo team, the company’s main mission is to “accelerate the transition to a decentralized economy and make the world a better place through sovereign empowerment.”

XGo also wants to spread the word about web2.5 and sprinkle some party atmosphere around. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the upcoming Cointelegraph and XGo giveaway.

Everything you need to know about Cointelegraph and XGo celebratory giveaway

To make everyone a little happier in the coming weeks, Cointelegraph and XGo teamed up to give the crypto space festive gifts and rewards. The joint giveaway runs from 21 November until the week leading up to Christmas, and ends on 19 December.

To be eligible to enter the weekly giveaway draw, you must become active on the XGo platform. Engage with the XGo community on Twitter and follow their account @XGo_Official. Make a $10 deposit on the platform in any crypto you like and turn on Superfluid Staking for at least 48 hours. Share your trading setup on official giveaway threadand you are in the draw.

Each week, one lucky winner will receive $1,000 in USDC straight to their xGo account. With a total pool of $6,000 for the event, what better way to kick off the holiday festivities and venture into web2.5?

Material is delivered in collaboration with XGo

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