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Three new episodes of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix docuseries are released today, with Buckingham Palace ready for more demands from the couple.

The streaming giant will publish the second half of the pair’s six-part series at 8am this morning, after releasing the first three episodes earlier this month.

The final installments are expected to watch Harry and Meghan’s moving from the UK to the US, and their decision to step back from frontline royal duties in January 2020.

In trailers teasing the final three episodes, Meghan’s friend Lucy Fraser and the Sussexes’ lawyer, Jenny Afia, accuse the palace of “feeding” stories about the Duchess to the press to avoid other “less favorable” stories being published.

Image: Netflix

Mrs Afia, a partner in the media law firm Schillings, is the first to be featured, as footage from Buckingham Palace is shown.

“There was a real sort of war on Meghan and I’ve certainly seen evidence that there was negative orientation from the palace towards Harry and Meghan to suit other people’s agendas,” she says.

The trailer cuts to Fraser, who says, “I became this scapegoat for the palace, and so they would feed stories about her whether they were true or not, to avoid other less favorable stories being printed.”

“You just wanted to see it play out,” says Meghan herself. “Like, a story about somebody in the family came up for a minute and they said ‘gotta make it go away.’

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“But there’s real estate on the home page of a website, there’s real estate there on the front page of a newspaper, and something needs to be filled in there about someone royal.”

An earlier teaser was released at the beginning of the week featured Harry saying “they were happy to lie to protect my brother”referring to Prince William, against pictures of Buckingham Palace and newspaper headlines including one reading: “Queen orders a hard Megxit”.

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Harry: “They lied to protect my brother”

The last three episodes air a week after the first three were made available for streaming worldwide.

In these first episodes, viewers heard from Harry and Meghan talk about the pressure they felt from the media’s interest in their lives and how they didn’t feel supported by the royal family.

The couple signed lucrative deals, believed to be worth more than £100m, with Netflix and Spotify after stepping down as senior working royals in 2020.

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Neither Kensington Palace, which represents the Prince and Princess of Wales, nor Buckingham Palace have commented on the series or the latest trailer, despite the claims.

Sky News understands palace officials are currently focused on the Princess of Wales’ carol service, which will be filmed in Westminster Abbey on Thursday.

The event aims to shine a light on a gathering of almost 2,000 people who have helped their communities across the UK, as well as remembering the Queen’s legacy.

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