Hollyoaks’ Eric Foster breaks down after Verity’s scary discovery

Hollyoaks’ Eric Foster breaks down after Verity’s scary discovery

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Things came to a head between Eric Foster and Verity Hutchinson on Wednesday (November 23) Hollyoaks when Verity confronted her brother about his recent dangerous behavior.

Eric Foster has been involved in a history of radical misogyny and has tried to radicalize those around him, including Mason Chen-Williamsat the same time as drinks for women have been added.

Tonight, Verity struggled with what to do with Eric after his ordeal with Maxine Minniver, after she seemed determined to expose him to spiked drinks.

Verity admitted to Tony Hutchinson that she was worried there was “something seriously wrong” with Eric, although he asked her to be a little more sympathetic as the “false allegations could tip him over the edge”. He then urged Verity to have a chat with her brother about what had happened.

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But as Verity pondered what to do next, Eric found a recording on his laptop which proved she had been snooping around his computer and had seen evidence of his recent behavior – including him bragging about her defending him.

Verity then confronted her brother head on, telling him, “I know you’re the nail. Start talking.”

After accusing Verity of being “no angel” and a hypocrite, Eric broke down in tears after she told him he had women in the village absolutely terrified. It was then that she asked him if it was her fault that he had become like this.

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“It’s nothing to do with you or anyone else,” an emotional Eric shot back, saying he wanted to tell his sister everything about what had been going on.

The two then shared a heart-to-heart where Eric shared that his behavior stemmed from wanting a real friend, a girlfriend, and a fulfilling life instead of just interacting with people online. “I can’t have the things that come so easily to other people,” he explained, admitting that he thinks people see him as a “nasty little man” and the odd one out in the family.

He then told her he wanted women to feel “small and humiliated” like he does every day, which is why he’s targeted them – but Verity wasn’t buying his sob story.


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“Women don’t owe you anything,” she snarled. “And it’s not up to you to punish them for that,” she continued, saying it was no surprise that no one wanted to date him.

Eric promised he’d stop filling drinks if Verity didn’t tell the police about what he’d done, but she told him it was “too late” and he needed to get help, prompting Eric to ask, “Do you want to help me?”

He claimed to get clean until Verity had already helped him and that he would go to counselling, but Verity said she couldn’t keep his secret.

He reluctantly agreed to hand over his laptop to her so she could show the police – only to discover it had mysteriously disappeared. Who has the laptop now?

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