Hollyoaks star Niamh Blackshaw hints at Juliet’s change in cancer story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

It is set to be an emotional time Hollyoaks soon, with Juliet Nightingale’s heartbreaking story set to begin next week.

The character, who has been suffering from regular ailments, will be told she may have cancer after undergoing tests at the hospital, causing her to freeze.

That’s not the only thing on her mind, however, with the character torn over her feelings for current girlfriend Nadira and ex-flame Peri, who happened to be the nurse who tested Juliet at the hospital.

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Actress Niamh Blackshaw has teased Juliet’s upcoming storyline in an interview with Inside soapand suggests that her character may have a change of heart in her love life after getting closer to Peri.

“I think the fact that she turns to Peri at a time where she’s in such deep, emotional distress is probably an indicator of where her heart actually lies,” she said before discussing the character’s encounter with her ex-boyfriend.

“It’s very difficult – I felt for Juliet in that scene. I’ll let you see what happens because it’s quite funny, and a bit of light relief in a story that’s actually very serious.”

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Blackshaw, who has played Juliet since 2018, revealed that she is “grateful and grateful” to tell this story, before being overwhelmed by the public reception of the story.

“It was a massive response – I was really surprised and amazed,” she said. “Sometimes you forget how much characters are loved by the fans. I was delighted to get such a great response and I’m really excited to see how this all plays out.”

Will these tragic events not only bring the former couple closer, but cause them to reunite and destroy Julie’s current lover Nadira?

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