How to get more bookings on Airbnb

Are you one of Airbnb’s 2.9 million hosts, or are you thinking about becoming one? You’ve probably worked hard to transform your property into a successful vacation rental, and you want the hard work and investment to be worth it. That’s why it’s important that you also take steps to ensure that you get a lot of bookings on Airbnb.

Why aren’t you getting more Airbnb booking requests?

So you’ve listed your vacation rental on Airbnb, and you’re waiting for booking requests… and wait… and wait some more. Why aren’t guests booking your property? There are several reasons why your Airbnb listing may not be booked, including:

  • Strict requirements for guests – You may be excluding many quality guests with excessively strict requirements. For example, you may have chosen not to accept orders from first-time guests or those with a single negative review, which can significantly reduce your potential market.
  • Minimum stay – Many Airbnb guests only want to book a vacation rental for one or two nights, so if you need a minimum stay of three nights or more, you could miss out on a lot of potential bookings.
  • Unbeatable prices – By pricing your Airbnb vacation rental too high, you will lose potential guests to hosts with better prices. At the same time, if you price your listing too low, potential guests will assume there must be a problem or that the property is of lower quality. It’s important to research the local competition when setting your prices.
  • Unimpressive title – If potential guests are not impressed by your listing’s title, they may assume they will be equally disappointed with your vacation rental. Instead, write a catchy and descriptive Airbnb title to attract more users.
  • Low quality images – The photos added to your Airbnb listing are your chance to show off all that is spectacular about your property. Low quality or irrelevant images are nothing but wasted opportunities.

How to get more Airbnb bookings

There are a number of strategies to use that can increase the exposure of your Airbnb profile and attract more guests to book vacation rentals. Do you want to maximize your profits by listing your vacation rental on Airbnb? The following tips may help.

1. Optimize Airbnb SEO

Want to ensure your listing appears in Airbnb search results? In the same way that Google and other search engines rank websites, your search ranking is based on the Airbnb algorithm, and you can optimize your listing for a better result. Research the most relevant keywords and use them in your listing’s title and description.

2. Turn on Instant Book

With Instant Book, hosts allow guests to instantly book an Airbnb without waiting for pre-approval. By turning on Instant Book with Airbnb, you ensure your listing appears in more potential guests’ search results and demonstrate your flexibility as a host.

3. Keep your Airbnb listing up to date and complete

The Airbnb algorithm considers all parts of your listing, so it’s important to complete the title and create a thorough description. A complete Airbnb profile also appears more professional to potential guests. Furthermore, it is important to keep the listing current by updating it regularly.

4. Create a comprehensive entry

It is not enough to provide a brief description of the property to attract guests who book through Airbnb. Use as much free space as possible to provide details of the holiday home and its facilities. The more descriptive your language, the more potential guests will be able to imagine staying there.

5. Keep calendars up to date

Regularly updating your Airbnb booking calendar helps ensure that your listing appears to potential guests when it’s available for relevant dates. By keeping the calendars up to date, you also show the Airbnb algorithm that you are active on the sales channel.

6. Show professional photos

Vivid, descriptive photos can inspire potential guests to book your Airbnb listing. In fact, according to Airbnb, 60% of listings start with a guest clicking on a photo, and more than 40% of the time when guests choose not to book a listing, the last thing they clicked on was a photo

7. Set competitive prices

When potential guests compare Airbnb listings, one of the most important factors they consider is the rental price. A price that is competitive with similar listings in your local market makes your listing more attractive to potential guests. Remember to regularly update your price to reflect market changes or seasonal demand so you remain competitive.

8. Inspire positive reviews

Like most industries, Airbnb guests value the experiences and opinions of other customers. The more guests who leave good reviews of your property, the more you will increase your bookings on Airbnb. Therefore, try to create exceptional guest experiences that inspire high praise. Also, make sure you professionally respond to any negative reviews in a friendly manner.

9. Manage response rate

By responding quickly to both guests’ and potential guests’ inquiries, you show them that you are an engaged, trustworthy and legitimate property owner, qualities that will encourage more Airbnb customers to book with you. Likewise, responding to inquiries within 24 hours is likely to improve your ranking in search results, which will further increase your order.

10. Increase flexibility

By remaining flexible with your desired length of stay, you can attract more potential guests looking for short-term rentals. By reducing the minimum stay and increasing the maximum, your listing will appear in a greater number of searches, which equates to more booking opportunities.

More tips for increased Airbnb bookings

The goal of an Airbnb listing is for property owners to host guests and make money, but that can’t happen without factors like a competitive price and flexible cancellation policies. Read on for more tips on how to improve the Airbnb experience you offer and how to achieve Superhost status.

11. Do not cancel orders

To increase the booking rate, it is important to avoid canceling bookings on Airbnb. When you cancel a booking, you not only inconvenience your guest, but you hurt their experience and increase your chances of receiving a negative review.

12. Increase your presence on social media

Like all search engines, Airbnb’s algorithm gives preference to listings with more links around the web. By sharing your property on social media and linking back to your Airbnb listing, you can appear more often in Airbnb search results.

13. Offer more facilities

Many Airbnb customers look at what amenities the property offers guests when choosing to book. Fortunately for hosts, many of the selectable options require very low investment. You can increase your bookings simply by equipping your holiday apartment with basic amenities such as a hairdryer or a steam iron.

14. Add listings to other websites

After you’ve established yourself as a host on Airbnb, you can expand your market reach by listing your property on other sites, such as Vrbo or Make sure you also use an app like Channel Manager to sync your booking calendars.

15. Provide exceptional service

By offering an extraordinary guest experience, including customer service, you inspire loyalty among your clientele, who are more likely to become repeat customers. In fact, studies indicate that many Airbnb hosts receive up to half of their bookings from repeat guests.

16. Start a mailing list

Contacting guests after their stay at your property helps increase your chances of repeat bookings. Ask your guests for their email addresses and add them to your mailing list. You can then send periodic updates, as well as personally connect with past guests, reminding them of their positive experience.

17. Update decor

Airbnb users are looking for comfortable yet modern accommodations. In fact, how you decorate your holiday apartment can affect your guests’ overall experience. Therefore, updating old-fashioned decor can have a positive impact, just don’t forget to update the photos attached to your listings.

18. Remember the outdoors

The interior of your holiday home is not the only part of the property that matters to your guests. They also take into account the landscaping outside. Make sure the lawn is mowed and that any bushes are trimmed. If it’s a garden, fill it with beautiful flowers and keep the weeds out. The aesthetic quality will have a positive impact on your Airbnb bookings.

19. Use the latest technology

Keep an eye out for new gadgets or technology trends that can add to the guest experience. By adding a few smart home features like a smart thermostat, smart light bulbs or even voice assistance, you can ensure your property makes an impact on guests and stands out in their minds.

20. Achieve Superhost status

Airbnb hosts who consistently achieve positive reviews and guest experiences can earn Superhost status and boast an orange badge on their rental listings. This badge not only shows potential guests that you are a reliable and active host, but the property will also appear in targeted Superhost searches on the site.

Do superhosts get more Airbnb bookings?

Airbnb Superhosts’ listings gain more visibility, increasing their bookings and earning potential. Every 3 months, Airbnb reviews the host’s ratings, response rate, cancellation rate and total bookings over the past 12 months. Those who achieve an overall guest rating of 4.8, a 90% response rate, a cancellation rate of less than 1% and at least 10 completed stays are awarded Superhost status.

Superhosts not only earn a badge of recognition that can be displayed on their Airbnb profiles, increasing their credibility and visibility, but they also earn exclusive rewards, including a $100 Airbnb voucher each year they maintain their status and an additional 20% on top of the usual referral bonus.

Were Airbnb bookings down in 2022?

Although some hosts have claimed that their bookings have dropped significantly in 2022, the overall Airbnb market remains robust. According to AirDNA, demand for Airbnb and Vrbo rentals in September 2022 increased 24% year-over-year and was 26.6% higher compared to the same month in 2019.

However, the growing demand may not keep pace with the additional supply as more and more property owners list their vacation rentals on Airbnb. For example, available US short-term listings in September 2022 on Airbnb and Vrbo rose to 1.38 million, up 23.2% year-over-year and an 8.7% increase compared to September 2019.

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