Intel promises “a lot more Arc in 2023 and more variants” of its mainstream graphics cards

Intel’s Arc graphics card (opens in a new tab) may have taken a bit of a critical beating, but Intel is planning “multiple variants” of the Arc for 2023, says Intel graphics guru Raja Koduri in an interview on technology website Gadget 360 (opens in a new tab) (via Tom’s Hardware (opens in a new tab)). Koduri also says that Intel’s focus with the Arc is to find the core of the PC gaming crowd with 200W to 225W single power connector GPUs, rather than chasing the competition with 600W monsters.

That Intel is still committed to Arc is the most important aspect that emerges from the interview. Rumors abound of partial or wholesale cancellations of Arc graphics chips. So it’s great to see Koduri answer unequivocally when asked if Intel will stick with the Arc roadmap, including next-gen Battlemage and Celestial GPUs. “Yes, absolutely,” says Koduri.

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