Makeup trends to follow in 2023

As you reach the end of 2022, you may want to update your cosmetics kit for the top makeup trends of 2023. There’s something for everyone when you look into the crystal ball as high-impact finishes are paired with low-maintenance staples. The new year marks many opportunities to try out and experiment with new looks by going platinum blonde, creative and crazy nail art, hairstyles and cosmetics with vibrant colors. If you want to know which beauty trends will be popular in 2023, hang on here:

Blush drape

The blush trend has been hot and heavy for a while and isn’t likely to fade anytime soon. Although blush has long been a favorite, placement is everything. The coming year is set to see a resurgence of a former favorite – the 70s trend. These blush drapes with lighter, diffused blushes lift the cheekbones, follow up to the temples, and give an editorial and monochromatic impression. For a seamless C-shape finish, you can even blend the blush with a blusher into the eyes.

Ornate beauty
Sparkles and shimmers galore! Glitter and embellishments such as rhinestones and precious stones have been the trend for a long time, and it’s still going strong. Embodying an eccentric sense of individuality, these embellishments are the perfect vices to elevate your look as they add a subtle touch of sparkle to any look. Avoid being exact with your stones or making each eye match the other perfectly.

Use them to make a solid statement that portrays your inner diva. You can use it around the eyes, as embellished freckles, or to contour your lips for a striking effect. You can combine them with bold black eyeliner. The gemstones give a stardust-like feel while remaining elegant and stylish.

Sensual Siren eyes

This winter, the siren eye will be prevalent with its cool, smoky eye touch. Every eye shape gets a seductive lift from siren eyes and half lashes without looking too contrived. For the ultimate glam effect, pair with fake freckles and glossy lips.

Frosted, glossy lips

After much experimentation with icy frosted eyes, it is suspected that the trend will be all about the lips with the 90s trends returning. The frosted glossy lip and iconic brown lip liner and balm look leave your lips with an enviably comfortable, lived-in feel. In addition to nourishing balms and heavy-duty lip glosses, plumping oils are the latest must-haves to provide intense moisture while teasing your pout with the slightest hint of color.

Input from Anchal Malhotra Chadha, beauty expert and director at Milap Cosmetics

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