Man says he can’t work after tripping over Amazon box left in ‘ridiculous’ place

Mike Foster has hit out at the ‘lazy’ driver who delivered (Image: Mike Foster/SWNS)

A man claims he has been unable to walk after tripping over an Amazon package left outside his front door.

Mike Foster, 33, says his ankle has swollen so badly it looks like an “elephant’s foot”.

The site engineer says he can’t walk or drive without pain, leaving him unable to work and falling behind.

Mike says the package was left outside his door in Birmingham and in the dark he didn’t see it – causing him to fall.

He said: ‘Obviously I’m annoyed, I’m really annoyed.

“We’ve had to reduce what we spend at Christmas with the price squeeze and everything. It’s just a crappy position to be in in December really.

“I can’t walk around or drive without being in endless pain – all because the driver was too lazy to put in a logical place where it won’t hurt anyone.

“It’s not like there’s anything I could have done to avoid the situation myself. I just went to work in the morning and tried to do my normal daily routine.’

A man says he has been unable to walk, drive or work after slipping on an Amazon package that had been left outside his home?  leaving him to worry about how to pay for Christmas.  See the SWNS story SWSYfall.  Mike Foster, 33, says he has been forced to take a week off work after suffering an ankle injury ?  by stumbling upon an Amazon package.  The site engineer says he can't walk or drive without having

Mike has compared his injured ankle to an “elephant’s foot” (Image: Mike Foster/SWNS)

Mike says he stepped on the package and fell on the morning of November 30 – twisting his ankle.

He managed to get into the office, but was told to go to the emergency department where he underwent an X-ray – and was told he had a soft tissue injury.

Mike said: “I left the house at about 7am so it was still quite dark outside.

“The package was left under the front porch step and when I opened my front door, I put my left foot out, caught the corner of the package and went all the way over.

“I twisted my ankle badly. I was in absolute agony but because it was 7am I tried not to make too much noise.

“I drove 40 minutes to work hoping it would ease, but it got worse and worse. When I entered the office they said I had to go to hospital.

“I went to the A&E and they told me it was soft tissue damage, my whole foot was swollen like an elephant’s foot.

“It was a ridiculous place to leave a package.

“I spoke to Amazon about it and they apologized, but it’s a price squeeze and I’ve had to take a week off work because of them.”

An Amazon spokesperson said the company had contacted the customer directly.

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