MarksMan: Innovations in all aspects of technology and user experience

MarksMan: Innovations in all aspects of technology and user experience

A major upgrade with new cutting-edge UI/UX features has just been made MarksMan Liquidity Hub, a top platform offering crypto spot liquidity solutions. The upgrade affects all aspects of the bridge technology offer. It gives customers access to even more liquidity choices, a wider range of markets, improved opportunities to differentiate and offer distinctive liquidity flows, and increased flexibility in hedging market risk. The upgrade also improves the product’s usability, increases the speed of price updates and adds extensive documentation to help users get the most out of the industry-leading crypto liquidity technology platform.

Speed ​​up to 100 ms

Price updates now arrive up to 100 milliseconds faster than previously for Tier 2 offers. Your traders and investors will be able to see the market more accurately and make better trading decisions as a result.

Price Construction

MarksMan now supports contract lot sizes in derivatives, as well as markups and volume modifiers based on order book depth. This will allow clients to easily monitor and control the platform’s more liquidity.

The discovery of the prize

The Huobi Spot and Huobi Futures platforms have been added as the main new source of Level 2 quotes for the MarksMan price discovery engine. With this upgrade, Liquidity Hub customers will be able to use the liquidity flows of all trading instruments offered on these international trading platforms.

Risk hedging

The Huobi Spot and Huobi Futures platforms are now supported by the MarksMan hedging engine. The MarksMan team has also adjusted the orders for derivative assets based on the details of the contracts, such as contract size and face value.

The report section

A detailed report section, which includes hedge transaction history and execution data, is now available in the MarksMan Web UI. This new feature provides an in-depth view of all account activity, making it easy to find and analyze orders.

Updated security configuration

The latest details on configuring security for your account can be found on the Security Configuration page of the User Guide. This guide will teach you how to manage your positions and set up hedging to protect against adverse market changes.


The MarksMan Liquidity Hub aims to offer the market the best user experience and advanced technology. In addition, the team never stops improving its offerings and creating new features. Try it now because MarksMan Liquidity Hub gives customers an exceptional opportunity to outperform the competition.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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