Mickey Mantle’s Lewd Questionnaire sells for $250,000


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Those were the words (well, words) that baseball legend Mickey Mantle said when he presented me with an autographed baseball. I was 12 at the time and my friend’s dad took us to meet the retired Yankee who was great for an autograph. I had no idea who he was, but my friend’s father had tears of joy streaming down his face, and with a line of fans snaking around the building, The Mick stared off into the middle distance as if imagining a place and a time. rather be.

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Was he thinking of going into the batter’s box for another taste of glory? Um, probably not.

A new document sold at Leland’s auction house last weekend for $242,788.80 – and it offers a possibility of where Mickey’s head was.

[Warning: Graphic Language]

The document is a handwritten questionnaire that Mantle was asked to fill out in 1973 regarding his “most outstanding” experience at Yankee Stadium. His answer was to be used in a Yankees’ 50th anniversary yearbook.

Did he remember any of his seven World Series victories, his multiple MVP awards or the run with Roger Maris to break Babe Ruth’s home run record? Not exactly.

Instead, Mantle wrote:

“I have [sexual act] under the right field bleachers at the Yankee bullpen.”

Adding these details:

“It was about the third or fourth inning. I had a pulled groin and couldn’t [f—] at the time. She was a very nice girl.”

Mantle inserted some other details which I omit for the sake of decency (go here to see the whole sordid story), and signed the questionnaire “Mickey Mantle, The All-American Boy.”

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Leland’s Auction House explained, “Mickey Mantle’s talents on the baseball field are well documented. Much less well known, however, are his literary skills, especially when it comes to harmless narrative prose.” The entry goes on to say that although copies of the questionnaire have been seen for years, “like the Mona Lisa, or any other great work of art, there is only one original, and this is it.”

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The identity of the buyer is not yet known, but it has been a banner year for Mickey Mantle memorabilia. This past summer, Mantle’s 1952 rookie baseball card sold for $12,600,000, making it the most valuable piece of sports memorabilia in the world.

After learning all of this, I checked eBay to see the value of that ball he signed for me in 1986. Unfortunately, I learned that Mantle’s signature isn’t worth nearly as much if it isn’t preceded by extremely personal musings. I can probably only get a couple of hundred for it.

In the words of baseball great, f – – -.

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