Mom says she tested positive for coke after someone spat in her mouth

Lisa Bowden has been jailed for 18 months and banned from driving for 33 (Image: Kent Police)

A pregnant mother who tried to run over her sister while high on cocaine claimed she only tested positive for the drug because someone spat in her mouth.

Lisa Bowden, 33, was said to have “completely lost her temper” on December 14 last year when an argument ended with her sending her sibling, Jade, flying over her bonnet.

Jade landed on a busy road, broke her leg, was badly bruised and concussed. A passing car narrowly avoided hitting her “by a miracle”.

Bowden, who did not know she was pregnant at the time, had been drinking and taking cocaine before driving with her two children in the back.

Maidstone Crown Court heard how the sisters had argued about Bowden dating an ex-partner of one of Jade’s friends.

Bowden drove to his friend’s home in Greenhithe, Kent, to get it out.

The shouting had upset her children, aged 10 and 12, and Jade went to speak to them.

Maidstone Crown Court.

Bowden’s sister was heard crying as her sentence was announced at Maidstone Crown Court (Image: PA)

Bowden saw this as an “intrusion” and told his sister: “Get away from my car and my kids. I’ll kill you. Don’t move. I’ll run you over.

“She looked angry, gritted her teeth and then took off, spinning the wheels of the Astra and hitting Jade’s left leg,” prosecutors said.

It was all caught on CCTV and Bowden was later arrested. She was tested for drugs and then came up with the bizarre excuse.

The sisters have now reconciled and Jade has asked to withdraw her statement.

Bowden’s defense lawyer said: “Not only was her behavior out of character, but she is still disgusted with herself that she did that to her sister, who she loves so much, and with her children in the car.”

But the judge jailed Bowden for 18 months on Wednesday, saying custody was inevitable in this case.

He told her: ‘The incident was your fault. You were the one who picked the argument, you were the one who got angry, you were the one who couldn’t hold back that anger, and you were the one who ran over her. She could have died.

“I’m happy that their relationship has come together. It is a huge credit to her. She could easily also have been hit by the other car.

“These offenses are so serious that appropriate punishment can only be achieved by immediate custody. I can understand how your sister, here in court, wishes that none of this happened and that you were not sent to prison.

“But I have a wider duty to the public to ensure just punishment for crimes committed.”

Jade could be heard crying as the sentence was announced as the sisters’ mother said: ‘Your honour, you did the right thing.’

The judge added that Bowden’s children live with their father and said there was no evidence she was in contact with either mental health or social services.

He said her remorse was “new born”.

Bowden, of Wiltshire Close, Stone, in Dartford, Kent, previously admitted causing grievous bodily harm, drug driving and no insurance.

She was also banned from driving for 33 months. She has previously been convicted of driving without a license and a reprimand for serious violence.

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