Nvidia and Apple are to be the first customers for TSMC’s US-made 3nm chips

Between sanctions against China (opens in a new tab) and US CHIPS could potentially slow down business in Taiwan (opens in a new tab), the semiconductor industry is ready for a major shake-up. Of course, much of this has been orchestrated by the US to bring more business into the country. Europe did much the same with its own act, and while Taiwan will likely continue to dominate (opens in a new tab) semiconductor industry for some time to come, we are starting to see some small changes.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, or TSMC is one of the largest chip manufacturers around, especially when it comes to advanced manufacturing. According to NikkeiAsia (opens in a new tab), TSMC is about to bring some of that power to the US by manufacturing its 4nm chips from a new facility in Arizona. This despite TSMC founder Morris Chang’s previous statements (opens in a new tab)and claims that American production would be too expensive.

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