One of the best reviewed games on Steam is about seeing plastic ducks

Valve’s own beloved sci-fi puzzle comedy Portal 2 has a 98% positive user rating on Steam (opens in a new tab). A handful of indie hits like A Short Hike, The Case of the Golden Idol, TOEM and Frog Detective 3 go as high as 99% positive. Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is about to join their ranks, with a rating of 98% positive trending up to 99% in the last 30 days (opens in a new tab).

If you haven’t heard of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator, you’re not alone. Despite accumulating over 3500 glowing recipes (opens in a new tab) on Steam, this game about watching ducks float hasn’t exactly made waves. (I’m sorry.) That said, over 1,000 people follow it on Twitch (opens in a new tab)and a video by Irish streamer RTGame (opens in a new tab) where he spends 15 minutes watching it while saying things like “Fantastic gameplay” has over 764,000 views

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