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Porsche is a global icon, not only in the automotive world, but also in popular culture. The cars have been featured in films, praised in songs, used in fashion campaigns and used as canvases by visual artists. The car brand has always had a place in the world of creativity, and Porsche continues to be an advocate for the arts, championing the idea of ​​giving artists platforms to express their work. The latest example of this pursuit can be found in the Electric Art campaign.

The Taycan is a hero model in Porsche’s extensive range – it is the brand’s first and only all-electric car. Revolutionary in its own right, the Taycan also reflects Porsche’s vision of making dreams come true. As a brand that prioritizes craftsmanship and creativity, Porsche encourages creatives to realize their dreams through works that reflect their personal goals. With its Electric Art initiative, Porsche tapped Mexico City-based digital artist Rodolfo Hernandez of Olf Studio and Travis Brothers and Isha Dipika Walia of Studio Pending to collaborate and create digital works that interpret the Porsche brand in an innovative light. “Electrification” is at the heart of this partnership, connecting dreamers to realize visions by combining skills, talents and other tools from their respective disciplines. “It was very exciting,” Hernandez said when he found out he would be working with Porsche. “Porsche has always been a standard for iconic and timeless designs. As a creative, it is always inspiring to be part of a project with such a unique brand.”

Rodolfo Hernandez is a force in the creative industry, building stunning landscapes and stunning character illustrations for magazine covers, fashion ads, video game campaigns and more. He has been commissioned by Nike, Vogue and Dazed to adapt his futuristic graphic style for product, celebrity and editorial images. Travis Brothers and Isha Dipika Walia are also highly recognized for their progressive aesthetic. They have worked with culture disruptors such as Travis Scott, Lady Gaga and Post Malone among others for album covers and promotional material. The collective is continually praised for its industrial-inspired graphics and sci-fi-like design that combines mechanical and otherworldly elements.

Porsche Electric Art Not Ads Artwork and campaign Taycan rodolfo hernandez isha dipika walia travis brothers studio olf

For the collaboration with Porsche, Hernandez, Brothers and Walia created four digital works that highlight the brand’s focus on electrification through collaboration. The resulting pieces depict elements from the Porsche Taycan – motor components, the frame and the interior – and given human-inspired features such as muscles, skeletal features, veins and vessels. The surrealistic graphics reflect the bond between people and their emotions, pulsating senses that create motivation to create. The artwork imitates how electricity can connect car and driver with the exciting experience of being transported to new destinations. The designs also expand how a car like the Taycan can embody one’s personal identity as a reflection of their sense of style and personal values. “The inspiration behind the project was the human connection drivers have with the car and the unique bond created when they drive,” explains Hernandez. “We wanted to showcase this bond through different layers and have a feeling attached to each of them.”

Porsche Electric Art Not Ads Artwork and campaign Taycan rodolfo hernandez isha dipika walia travis brothers studio olf

The Porsche-inspired artworks and installation titled Soul Electrified: The Current Within by Hernandez, Brothers and Walia were recently shown at the conceptual retail HBX in New York City. The immersive art event allowed guests to experience Porsche in an interactive way – from massive light boxes that house the artwork in the gallery to futuristic red lighting that engulfs the entire event space. The whole experience immersed art fans not only in the world of Porsche, but also the worlds of Hernandez, Brothers and Walia.

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