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Soap spoilers follow.

Struggling to keep track of the constant stream of soap spoilers? Fear not, like every Sunday Digital spy picks out the biggest and best stories on your screens in the week ahead

1. Emmerdale: Kyle is on edge

(Wednesday at 7pm on ITV1)


Moira and Kyle are back from Belfast, but it’s far from a happy homecoming as Matty is furious at being kept in the dark about Kyle’s secret. Deciding that Kyle will be her first priority, Amy breaks up with Matty.

Amy also realizes that Chloe thinks Moira was Al’s secret lover. She tells her sister to ditch it and move out. With nowhere else to go, Chloe is forced to tell her sister that she is pregnant, but decides not to reveal that the baby is Mack’s.

Elsewhere, plagued by memories of what he did to Al, Kyle heads to the barn and begins building a memorial to the man he killed. Unaware of what is happening, Moira visits Cain and admits that Matty knows the truth, and Cain fears that his son will be found out.

It’s not long before Matty discovers Kyle’s tribute to Al, which makes him wonder if the pressure is too much for the boy. As Amy, Moira and Matty help Kyle prepare for his first day at school, it’s clear they’re all worried he’s on the verge of breaking.

(Wednesday at 8pm on ITV1)

tyrone dobbs, coronation street


As Hope returns to Weatherfield High after her suspension, Fiz and Tyrone face some uncomfortable questions from the school counselor about their family backgrounds.

Realizing that they need to put the problems of the last few months behind them, Ty decides it’s time he made an honest woman out of Fiz and pops the question.

As the happy couple celebrate their engagement, they are interrupted by the arrival of the journalist who wrote the John Stape exposé. The journalist apologizes for the hurt he caused and gives Fiz a bag of tapes and photographs of her evil ex-husband to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Fiz gives the package to Chesney and Gemma, who keep it in a locker in number 5. But when Hope suggests Joseph and Sam hold a séance to contact her dead father, the bag falls out of the locker.

The contents spill out onto the floor, and the children are horrified to see images of John staring back at them.

3. EastEnders: Janine plays dirty

(Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One)

janine butcher, karen taylor, eastenders


Janine is keen for Ricky and Mick to get to know each other, and arranges a lunch for the three of them at Walford East. She is upset when Mick is late, but the landlord quickly wins Ricky over, assuring him that Janine has nothing to fear from Linda.

When they return to The Vic, Shirley reveals that Linda has called in sick, convincing Janine that Mick was late for lunch because he was having a secret meeting with his ex.

The expectant mother’s paranoia increases when Karen lets slip that she saw Mick and Linda shopping together for Ollie’s school shoes. Fearing that she will lose her grip on her husband, Janine hatches a plan and calls the registrar behind Mick’s back.

Later, Janine is quietly seething as Mick announces that he and Linda will be buying Ollie’s Christmas presents together, but some good news soon puts a smile back on her face.

4. Hollyoaks: Tragedy strikes Verity

(Tuesday at 19.00 on E4 and Wednesday at 18.30 on Kanal 4)

zoe anderson, theresa mcqueen, maxine minniver and verity hutchinson in holyoaks

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After Eric insists that the Men’s First members are the only friends he has, Verity decides it’s time to take action.

Verity secretly swipes her phone and writes a comment on the forum, telling the incels that she is Eric’s sister and that he will not be entering the site again. When she clicks on a link about Maxine, Verity is sickened by what she finds.

Later, Mason informs Eric of what Verity has done. After managing to get his phone back, Eric posts a message on the forum, promising to keep his sister quiet.

At Dee Valley Law, Verity desperately tries to reach Maxine, but before she can get through, an unknown person violently attacks her.

As Shaq prepares to surprise Verity with a romantic proposal, the villagers gather to turn on the Christmas lights, but Tony’s heartfelt speech is interrupted by Verity stumbling through the village.

Terrified, Zoe rushes to tell Shaq the news, while a distraught Eric follows Verity in an ambulance, vowing to be a better brother from now on. Will she make it?

5. Emmerdale: Vinny brings up gambling

(Thursday at 7pm on ITV1)

charity dingle, jimmy king, vinny, mackenzie boys, emmerdale


With Vinny still struggling to adjust to life without Liv, Mandy is grateful when Jimmy offers to talk to him. Over a game of snapper, the grieving widower begins to open up, and when Will sees Vinny beating Jimmy at poker, he invites them to play at the pub.

Later at The Woolpack, Ryan, David and Mackenzie join the game, and Vinny is soon in his element. As more of the villagers get involved, Vinny finally begins to forget his problems.

When Jimmy lets loose on what they’ve been up to, Mandy is not amused and accuses Vinny of turning into her late father, Paul.

As Jimmy blames himself for leading the boy into temptation, Mack and Vinny meet at the cafe to discuss strategy for their next poker game. Will Vinny’s new obsession end in tears?

6. Coronation Street: Stephen manipulates Elaine

(Wednesday at 8pm on ITV1)

stephen reid, elaine metcalfe, coronation street


Suspicious of Stephen’s sudden interest in Elaine, Tim is intrigued to see the pair walk into the cafe together. Unfortunately, Elaine seems to have fallen for the charms of Audrey’s son and assures Tim that Stephen is honest since the day is long.

Meanwhile, Stephen feels the pressure again when Sarah loses a potential investor for the factory, and Gail and Audrey suggest he invest £10,000 in the business instead. How is he going to get out of it?

As the week progresses, Stephen learns through Tim about the abuse Elaine suffered at the hands of Geoff, and decides to use the information to his advantage. After sending a vicious text to himself on his phone, he realizes it came from Gabrielle, triggering disturbing memories from her past.

Believing that Stephen is being controlled by her ex, Elaine tells him she knows how it feels and offers her support.

7. EastEnders: Whitney is pregnant

(Wednesday at 7.30pm on BBC One)

stacey slater, whitney dean, eastenders


With Whitney’s big 3-0 approaching, Finlay and Felix decide to throw an amazing party at their housemate’s place and manage to convince Sam to give them a deal at Peggy’s.

It seems Whit has more on her mind than her milestone birthday when she heads to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. When the women run into Stacey, they realize they’re at the pharmacy for the same thing, and with only a two-pack left, they head to Number 31 to take the tests together.

They are interrupted before they can tell each other the results, but at home Whitney opens up to Chelsea and reveals that she is expecting Zack’s baby.

Oblivious to the situation, Zack is buzzing about his new job as a chef at Walford East, and when Whit asks him for a word, he’s distracted by a call from a random fling. Whitney feels hurt and tells Chelsea that he’s too much of a player to be the father of her baby, but her friend encourages her to reconsider.

Meanwhile, Jean discovers Whitney’s positive pregnancy test and assumes it belongs to Stacey. Her daughter corrects her and swears her to secrecy about Whitney.

Later at Walford East, Jean runs into Zack and congratulates him on the baby, assuming he already knows. Zack’s world is shattered when memories of his own traumatic childhood resurface, causing him to fear that he won’t be able to stand by Whitney and their unborn child.

8. Hollyoaks: Bobby outsmarts Goldie

(Wednesday at 7pm on E4 and Thursday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

goldie mcqueen in holyoaks

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Goldie is eager to make Bobby pay for his crimes, but does not have much success in convincing the rest of the McQueens of his guilt. With her words of warning being ignored, Bobby ups the ante by giving Goldie a menacing threat.

Meanwhile, Mercedes discovers that Silas’ book has not been burned and orders Goldie to return it or it will be her last day as part of the McQueen clan.

Later in the week, Goldie suspects that Bobby is hiding something when Matthew-Jesus reveals that his cousin pushed him when he went near his belongings. But when Goldie and John Paul rummage through his belongings, all they find is a staff of stolen biscuits.

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