The dwarf fortress now needs around 100 icons for spilled guts, ruptured arteries and bruised tendons

The Dwarf Fortress has a minor gut problem: right now it doesn’t do a good job of telling you if a Dwarf’s gut is inside or outside their body. While dwarves have some physiological differences from humans (they live 150+ years, have perfect dark vision, and start vomiting if they hang out in the sun for a while), they are similar in this respect: if their intestines are hanging out, something is very wrong. One of the changes to the graphical version of Dwarf Fortress makes this dire situation a little harder to diagnose, but developer Tarn Adams says it’s on the list to address.

In our review of Dwarf Fortress, we said that the graphical version’s new mouse-based controls are “a much-needed and welcome change”, but that “the new user interface struggles to accommodate all aspects of this bottomless game.” Some of the changes in the graphical version make the game far more accessible, but there are currently a few features that are now less visible to players. The Dwarven Fortress’ complexity remains unsullied – it’s just not all that meets the eye right now. Dwarf health is one example.

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