The meaningful and enriching design is the essence of the NIZA SS23 collection

Inspired by the natural world with a Street Boho vision to highlight both the romantic and the daring side of the Niza woman. The heart of our proposal lies in the inviting and steamy silhouettes that drive this romantic story of nomadic life. A wide selection of prints, colours, fabrics and styles that combine nature’s wildness with audacity. With this collection, we seek to modernize our classics by staying true to the bold and distinctive character that identifies us.

Image: Niza SS23 collection, courtesy of the brand

We are committed to flowing and flattering garments, as well as younger silhouettes. We embrace prints that are full of color and life, not afraid to break new ground with bold prints through floral, ethnic and cashmere motifs that catch the eye of the beholder.

The textiles are finished with techniques of high manual work, which beautify and treat our garments as treasures to preserve. As a novelty, this time we included many cotton garments with a perforated finish. They allow us to combine romance with the traditional, and become a delicate detail that highlights our feminine side.

Image: Niza SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

With new materials again, there is a collection of linen capsules – a summer must-have full of freshness and elegance. As always, we seek to add value to our garments through thread and needle work. With ornamentation, we enrich the garments and fill them with personality, give them a special touch and preserve their delicacy. The art of decoration allows us to decorate our clothes and ourselves.

When it comes to silhouettes, we rely on clean cuts with delicate details – versatile garments perfect for all kinds of occasions. With some styles we emphasize the waist to emphasize the natural curves of the woman either with belts full of charm or with stylized cuts. With others, we seek to make you feel comfortable yet elegant with silhouettes that are relaxed and full of movement.

At Niza, we believe that every garment tells a story and every step added to the creation increases its value.

Embroidery by hand and with thread. Details that enchant, promote and support craftsmanship and needlework are part of our mission. With ornamentation, we enrich the garments and fill them with personality that preserves the purest delicacy and gives them a special touch.

Application. A special touch. The art of ornament allows us to decorate our clothes and ourselves, with details that enchant.

Perforated cotton. The romantic in the traditional. A detail that fills us with delicacy and highlights our romantic side. Through traditional craft techniques, we seek to make you look fresh and elegant.

Image: Niza SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

Thread embroidery. Words through stitches. Historically, poetry has been written on paper. At Niza, we move poetry to the fabric. These garments retain the subtlety of the word and the beauty of our thoughts through embroideries full of colors and textures.

Hand embroidered. “Celebrating India”. The main source of inspiration for Maya, a designer from Niza, comes from her native India, where her history, color, flowers and traditions coincide with the distinctive Niza style. Saving and uplifting tradition has always been one of our ideals. Each of our designs is produced with high quality fabrics, handmade details, embroidery and exclusive prints.

Image: Niza SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

Numbered limited edition. Niza is launching a Limited Edition for the first time, each garment is numbered, which makes it exclusive, unique and gives it a very special value. The number of garments on the label itself shows this – there will only be one person who has item 5 on the short shirt dress or item 38 on the sleeveless mustard blouse. Only 100 pieces per garment, a limited collection designed to sell out in just weeks.

100% linen. There is no spring and no summer without linen, no doubt that this natural fiber survives trends year after year, thanks to its soft and fresh touch. Nice is once again committed to sustainability, with 100% linen fabrics, natural fibers and eco-friendly choices.

Image: Niza SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

Printed lining. What we don’t see is also important, for us the outside is just as important as the inside. At Nice. beauty starts from within.

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