The Netflix boss addresses the decision to continue The Witcher without Henry Cavill

Netflix CEO Peter Friedlander has weighed in on the decision to continue The Witcher without Henry Cavill.

Cavill’s detachment from season four of The Witcher was met with shock from fans, many of whom saw him as an irreplaceably perfect Geralt. However, it was rumored that he had to step back from the show to clear up his schedule to film as Superman, only for the DC shake-up to remove Cavill from future Superman films.

Netflix’s Friedlander has now spoken about the continuation of The Witcher without Cavill, who will appear in the third season due to air in the summer of 2023 before stepping down and allowing Liam Hemsworth to take over his role.

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Netflix head of scripted series in the US and Canada, Peter Friedlander said (via Variety): “Henry is an extraordinary Geralt, and I think Liam will continue and also be an extraordinary Geralt.”

He continued: “There’s been a legacy of fantastic, iconic characters where the actors have changed and we’re hugely optimistic about this. We will continue to honor the IP, the fans, the storytelling throughout.”

It seems like Netflix is ​​confident that the show can, and will, continue strong despite the big casting change.

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Some actors from the show have shared their grief over Cavill’s departure, and Joey Batey (who plays Dandelion) previously told Digital spy: “[Cavill’s departure is] Sad. Henry and I are quite close. I knew a little before everyone else, really. But to be honest, the whole cast just says, ‘We’re all going to miss him.’

“He’s worked so hard, and especially on Season 3. We just finished [filming] on season three a couple of months ago. And the man is the hardest working man in all of Hollywood.”

Well, as the hardest working man in Hollywood, there’s no doubt that these recent changes won’t hold Henry Cavill back for long.

The Witcher Seasons 1-2 are now streaming on Netflix. Season 3 is in production and spin-off The Witcher: Blood Origin premieres on December 25, also on Netflix.

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