The Outbound Ghost Dev issues an apology regarding switch performance issues

Image: Conradical Games

We’ve been waiting for the release of The Outbound Ghost for a few months now. A 2.5D Paper Mario homage with an adorable little ghost as the protagonist? What’s not to like! Unfortunately, it seems that the game that was released on Switch yesterday is not the version that the developer, Conradical Games, ever wanted to see the light of day.

Published in a post on the game’s official Twitter account, @OutboundGhostthe developer apologized for the state the game is in. According to this message, the lead developer received a number of comments regarding issues with the game at launch and has now gone public, stating that “I never wanted this version of the game to come out”, but the release was beyond their control.

You can find the full statement in the following tweet.

Reading through the responses in the time since this announcement, it seems that the problems with the game stem from it being released in a rushed state without time for adequate testing. While we have yet to get our hands on the game itself, the issues seem to be around the absence of language options and performance issues.

Those who pre-ordered the game will still receive their copy, but the developer has stated that it is not up to quality standards.

In response to a customer, the developer appeared to indicate that it was unable to test the game itself, potentially pointing to the publisher as the mastermind behind the game’s rushed release.

What is clear from all the messages and responses in the announcement thread is that Conradical Games is doing everything they can to rectify the situation and ensure that the game is patched as quickly as possible. Here’s hoping the team can sort out the issues and release the title as it was intended.

Currently, it appears that the only version of The Outbound Ghost that has been approved by the developer is the one available on Steam. Switch users will have to wait for an update before they know what the game is like in its intended state.

What do you think of this news? Have you pre-ordered the game? Let us know in the comments!

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