The Willow boss reveals what the show does that the movie couldn’t

Disney+ Willow Creator Jonathan Kasdan has revealed what the sequel series does that the original 1988 film couldn’t.

34 years after defeating the evil queen Bavmorda, Warwick Davis reprises his role as Willow Ufgood and guides a band of misfits on a perilous rescue mission into the unknown.

While Kasdan recognizes how George Lucas created, Ron Howard directed Willow was an epic fantasy tale that captured the imaginations of young viewers everywhere, he explains how the show was able to take these fantastical landscapes and make them even bigger and better than what would have been possible back in 1988.


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Speaks exclusively to Digital spyhe said: “What had struck me so much about the film when I was a kid was the scope that George conveyed. And he had much more limited tools to do that in 1988 than we do now, with computers and with the kind of equipment we working with.

“So one of the things I really wanted the show to have was this sense of enormity, and I think at the heart of its power, is that here’s this little guy in a very big world, and I wanted to push that further.

“We have cityscapes and worlds beyond anything that could have been achieved in 1988 that really represent an outgrowth of this planet that I was excited to build.”



Continuing to talk about what it was like working with a lighter fantasy compared to other shows out there, Kasdan shared, “My writing has always had a tone of comedy. I think even in the darkest moments, comedy is how we survive.

“So it was kind of ingrained in me and ingrained Willow even that there was this feeling of danger and laughter mixed together.”

He continued: “But I imagine that for filmmakers working on shows like House of the Dragon? It’s incredibly tough, actually. Because life is fun and making movies is so much fun. You kind of have to suppress those things to tell very serious stories.

“So to get to do this show, I think the spirit behind the production of the show is absolutely on the screen. And it’s great fun.”

Willow episodes one and two are available to watch now Disney+ with new episodes arriving weekly on Wednesdays.

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