The Witcher 3 Romances: Every Partner You Can Choose

The Witcher 3 romances are quite extensive to be honest, with eleven potential loves in the base game alone. I’m not saying Geralt gets away with it, but monsters aren’t the only thing he kills. Of these eleven romances, Yennefer of Vengerburg and Triss Merigold can be chosen as potential end-game partners – everyone else is just for fun.

If you’re just getting back on the path and need a reminder of where to get your fancy Witcher gear, these Feline armor (opens in a new tab) and Ursine armor (opens in a new tab) guides can help you find the best light and heavy armor respectively. Anyway, here are all The Witcher 3 romances, what you need to do for each, and most importantly, how to choose either Yen or Triss without screwing it up. It’s also worth noting that whoever becomes your partner will also appear at the vineyard at the end of Blood and Wine, so choose wisely.

Yennefer of Vengerburg

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Yen is one of The Witcher 3’s two main romances – and the true canon option – so if you want Geralt to end up with Yennefer, there are two important steps you need to take:

  • I ‘The king is dead – long live the king; quest on Skellige, you will go to a party with Yennefer with the ulterior motive of stealing an important item. You must fight an earth elemental, and when you are defeated, the room begins to fill with poison gas. Yennefer will ask you to think of the first thing that comes to mind, and you must say the second option: “Damn, I want to kiss you, Yen”. Once you’re teleported back to her room, you choose “Wouldn’t mind seeing…” the option when she needs to mend the dress to start a romantic scene.
  • Continue the main Skellige story and Yennefer will ask Geralt to help her on the island of Larvik, triggering “The Last Wish” quest. Continue the quest to the end, free the Djinn and you’ll find yourself sitting on the side of a ship with Yennefer. When she tells you that nothing has changed, choose the first option: “I Still Love You Too”. This will lock Yennefer as your romantic choice.

The true choice

Lauren A, Guides Editor: As an aside: CDPR confirmed that Yen is the canon option and she’s not a cow who stole her friend’s husband because he lost his memory, so there.

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