They really all came crawling back to Steam, didn’t they?

A decade ago, EA pissed off a lot of people. That’s normal for EA, but this move in particular earned the publisher some lifelong enemies among PC gamers: After releasing the first two Mass Effect games on Steam, EA announced that Mass Effect 3 would only be available on its proprietary client, Origin , blaming Steam’s “restrictive terms of service.” Instead of sitting in a neat stack in our Steam libraries, the trilogy was split between two launchers. It was a crime against PC gaming as far as many were concerned.

Eight years later, in 2020, EA finally released Mass Effect 3 on Steam. Perhaps overcompensating, it then released Mass Effect 3 on Steam again in 2021 as part of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. If there was any doubt that the publisher’s Steam holiday is over, it killed Origin this year. Granted, Origin was immediately replaced by the EA app, which is the same thing, but the point stands.

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