This Pi Pico project can generate guest Wi-Fi networks complete with QR logins

Having friends over is all well and good until one of the freeloaders decides that eating my food and drinking my drinks isn’t enough – they also want access to Wi-Fi. Now comes the awkward moment of verbally explaining the niche reference in your Wi-Fi username, and your equally convoluted passwords. No, it’s the number 2, not the word too. No, not “two” or “number two”. You know what, maybe just let me do it for you. It’s almost as difficult as explaining what Wi-Fi actually stands for (opens in a new tab).

The smartest among us have already dealt with this problem. It’s not uncommon to have a password written down for people to copy, but the real tech enemies use QR codes. These can be set up to automatically join a network just from the data in the code, so no manual entry needs to be completed.

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