Three arrested after bodies of two babies found in house in South Wales | UK news

Two babies were found dead in a house on an estate on the outskirts of Bridgend at the weekend, sparking a police investigation and shocking the surrounding community.

South Wales Police said two men, aged 37 and 47, and a 29-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of concealing the birth of a child following the disturbing discovery at Wildmill, a 55-year-old Radburn estate.

Residents expressed their shock and dismay at the fate of the infants – reportedly twins – but little appears to be known about the arrested suspects, who lived in the three-storey property in Maes-Y-Felin.

A police cordon restricted access to the end of the terrace house where the babies were found, and a heavy police presence remained throughout Monday. Forensic technicians in white coveralls and face masks were seen entering and exiting the property, while a small tent was erected at the back.

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Steven Bletsoe, an independent councilor for Bridgend Central, who was born and bred in Wildmill, was at the scene. He said: “It is distressing. I have just spoken to the South Wales Police and the basis of what they have already released is disturbing to residents.

“We don’t know any more. We ask the public not to speculate because it is a very distressing and delicate situation and gaps do not need to be filled in by the public.

“We ask the police to be given time and breathing room to conduct a very intricate and delicate investigation here, which will enable the facts to be confirmed and made public in due course.”

Bletsoe added: “I don’t know anything at all about the people who live there. I am a municipal councillor, it is my job to know the voters. I know nothing at all about the people who lived there.”

“Wildmill is an incredibly strong community,” he added. “Full of people with a good heart. I tell everyone I’m from here. It is a society that wears its heart on its sleeve.”

Another resident said she was “heartbroken”. “It’s shocking. This is a lovely area, I have never heard of anything like this happening before. We are all very upset.”

The discovery was made on Saturday. The police were called to the house just before 8:00 p.m.

Supt Marc Attwell, of South Wales Police, said: “This is a very disturbing incident and we are appealing for anyone with information to get in touch.

“There will be a visible police presence in the area as extensive inquiries continue and we would encourage anyone with information or concerns to speak to officers.”

Huw David, the leader of Bridgend County Council, said: “This is shocking and tragic news and the residents of Wildmill are supporting each other closely as South Wales Police carry out their ongoing investigations.

“The council is offering the police full cooperation, and reminds people of the importance of remaining calm and avoiding speculation while the investigation is ongoing.”

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