Tottenham chief executive Fabio Paratici ‘among Juventus figures recommended for trial’

Tottenham chief executive Fabio Paratici “is among 11 people being investigated for alleged financial irregularities at Juventus” after the Italian giants’ entire board resigned.

  • Italian media have reported that 11 people will be recommended for trial
  • One of those names is said to be Tottenham chief executive Fabio Paratici
  • Paratici previously worked at Juventus until he left for Tottenham last year
  • Andrea Agnelli is among others named in a potential lawsuit for financial irregularities
  • Juventus have released a statement saying they have always acted correctly

Tottenham chief executive Fabio Paratici is reportedly being investigated over allegations financial irregularities at his former club Juventus.

As reported by Football Italia, Sky Italia have claimed that Paratici is one of 11 individuals, along with Juventus as a club, to be put on trial.

Paratici worked as sporting director at Juventus until he left for Tottenham last year, while Sportsmail previously reported that the entire board at the Italian giants had sensationally resigned.

President Andrea Agnelli and Vice-President Pavel Nedved who led the exodus were also named along with CEO Maurizio Arrivabene – who is set to remain in charge of his administrative duties despite stepping down

The other figures recommended for trial are said to be Marco Re, Stefano Bertola, Stefano Cerrato, Cesare Gabasio, Francesco Roncaglio, Enrico Vellano, Stefania Boschetti and Roberto Grossi.

If it goes to trial, the date will be confirmed at the club’s shareholder meeting on 18 January 2023, where the new board will be appointed.

Fabio Paratici has reportedly been named as one of 11 people being investigated, along with Juventus, for financial irregularities at the club

Juventus has released a statement assuring that the club remains convinced that it has always acted correctly and “intends to assert its reasons and defend its corporate, financial and sporting interests in all forums”.

The decision for a mass exodus from the board – which made front page news in Italy on Tuesday – was taken at the suggestion of president Agnelli, after the board agreed it was in the club’s best interests for a new group of managers to take over at Juventus.

Agnelli wrote a letter to all Juventus staff announcing “extraordinary results”, including the construction of their Allianz Stadium, as well as nine consecutive league titles for the men’s team and five in a row for the women’s side.

Pavel Nedved (left) and Andrea Agnelli (second left) are among the other names being investigated

Pavel Nedved (left) and Andrea Agnelli (second left) are among the other names being investigated

He also spoke about the Champions League final appearances in Berlin and Cardiff, then said: “We are facing a delicate moment in society. Better to leave everyone together, and give the opportunity to a new team to turn the game around.’

His letter, sent to all staff before he resigned, continued: “When the team is not compact, it lends itself to the opponents and this can be fatal.

“At that moment we have to have clarity and limit the damage. I will continue to imagine and work for a better football club, comforted by a sentence of Friedrich Nietzsche: “And those who saw themselves dancing were considered mad by those who did not hear the music”.

Paratici (right) left Juventus last year before being appointed Spurs chief executive

Paratici (right) left Juventus last year before being appointed Spurs chief executive

‘Remember everyone, we will recognize each other everywhere with a glance: we are Juve’s people!

LaLiga has issued a press release calling for sporting sanctions and the Serie A giants’ entire board unanimously resigned, after LaLiga lodged an official complaint against Juventus in April 2022.

The original complaint from April was lodged with UEFA for breach of financial fair play, and the club had previously been under investigation by the public prosecutor in Turin.

The LaLiga press release claims the Italian giants have “concealed” the actual wage bill for their squad and “accounted for transfers above fair value.”

Tottenham say they, or Paratici, will not comment on the reports.

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