Waterloo Road star Angela Griffin teases conflict for Kim in rebooted series

Waterloo Road returns for a revival in the New Year, and while there’s cause for celebration for fans, the show itself will be filled with tension and drama, and on the first day of term, a peaceful protest will turn into a full-scale riot.

Kim Campbell has taken over as principal, and actress Angela Griffin has teased that with the job come conflicts.

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“Kim is going into her second year as head teacher,” the actress told Inside Soap. “And she’s coming in on the back of COVID, the cost of living crisis, as well as MeToo and the Black Lives Matter movement — school is a completely different place.

“In the first episode, we find Kim bang in the middle of a very political movement that the students feel very strongly about, and Kim is trying to navigate that.”

As for how Kim gets along with the other teachers, Griffin explained, “Kim’s not there to be liked, she’s there to rule. Some people are happy about that and some people aren’t. There’s a definite conflict , but she is also respected by just as many teachers.

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David GennardBBC

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“The old Kim isn’t completely gone, she’s still warm and friendly, and we get glimpses of that.”

The actress also expressed delight at her character as the head teacher, saying she was “chuffed” when told the news.

“I found out that Kim was going to be a boss early on and it blew my mind. Kim comes from a pastoral care role so it’s not the natural path for her. Being a boss is all about budget, finances and politics, but it’s not that. the type of person she is because Kim is all about the kids,” she added.

Waterloo Road returns to BBC One and BBC iPlayer on January 3.

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