Web3 DApp improves stakes and transfers on Polkadot and DotSama

Web3 DApp improves stakes and transfers on Polkadot and DotSama

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The learning curve for blockchain and related topics is steep. To this day, even those familiar with blockchain terminology need help performing basic functions such as storing, trading, and transacting cryptoassets, as well as using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for all of their intended use cases beyond being a digital collectible. For this reason, the unfortunate reality is that despite networks like Ethereum being diverse in use across payments, data storage and other decentralized finance (DeFi) cases, mass adoption continues to face challenges as few know how to interact with blockchain technology.

Lack of adoption doesn’t mean blockchain and crypto aren’t the future. Instead, people need to recognize that a consumer-centric experience is necessary to demonstrate the utility of a new technology like blockchain. Consider the parallel between blockchain and the internet. When the internet was first introduced, few understood how its existence could benefit them. The Internet was not widely used until website building platforms became popular as an easy-to-use solution to help businesses and personal users create their own online presence.

Recognizing that a major barrier to blockchain adoption is ease of use, MyEtherWallet (MEW) made it their goal to create a free client-side interface to help users interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The resulting easy-to-use, open-source platform now includes an expanding product suite that gives users access to the diverse functionality Ethereum has to offer. Together, the platform includes a web platform, mobile app, Chrome extension (Enkrypt), blockchain explorer and educational resources for both new and experienced users.

After being met with initial success as a gateway to the Ethereum blockchain, MEW has announced the release of a new Web3 decentralized application (DApp) called MyDotWallet. With MyDotWallet, users will have access to enhanced deposit and transfer functionality, among others, in the Polkadot/DotSama ecosystem.

Since the beginning

Since its inception, MEW has been in the Ethereum space, striving to make interacting with Ethereum a more friendly and intuitive experience. MEW has since allowed users the ability to manage any token on Ethereum from MEW, interact with any smart contract on Ethereum, or purchase Ethereum with a credit card through the platform’s providers. But as the world moves to a multi-chain reality, the open source platform has made it a priority to continue supporting users through this transition.

Already, MEW has included a multichain wallet extension named Enkrypt to allow users to access their most used DApps on the Ethereum and Polkadot chains, as well as buy crypto, exchange tokens and manage their NFTs on both networks.

Kosala Hemachandra, CEO and Founder of MEW, shares:

“We are excited that MyDotWallet will be the continuation of MEW embracing the multi-chain future that we started with Enkrypt. It is incredibly important for users to be able to explore and engage with different blockchains and the features that make them unique. This cross-pollination between ecosystems will serve to to make the industry stronger as we digitize it, allowing users to explore like never before.”

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With this release, users can take advantage of the multichain interoperability protocol that some experts consider an Ethereum successor, given the number of active developments on the platform.

A multi-chain future

This DApp, as well as the previous MEW product suite including the Enkrypt Web3 wallet, is evidence of the platform’s focus on the new multi-chain landscape and commitment to creating secure, non-custodial crypto solutions with interfaces that are easy for beginners to navigate.

Going forward, MEW is strongly positioned to continue adding new features to support users with mass blockchain adoption.

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