WGSN and Coloro unveil key colors for the AW23/24 season

Trend forecasting platform WGSN has unveiled the key colors for the autumn/winter 23/24 season together with global color authority Coloro.

The duo’s selection aims to reflect “the different journeys and multiple facets of life,” a press release said, as people adjust their lifestyles to focus on building a vision for the future.

WGSN added that the key colors encapsulate different lifestyles and attempt to draw motivational forces that will drive consumers, using elements such as healing and transformation.

Speaking about the range, Jenny Clark, head of color at WGSN, said: “Our key colors capture consumers’ evolving behavior and are sensitive to their changing emotional states and changing lifestyles.

Digital Lavender – WGSN and Coloros AW23/24 Color Report. Photo: WGSN

“We believe confidence will return and vibrant, energizing colors will resonate, connect to travel and discovery, and reignite the imagination.

“These versatile colors have trans-seasonal properties that reflect the importance of choosing colors responsibly, and we expect them to transcend into 2024.”

Astro Dust – WGSN and Coloros AW23/24 color report. Photo: WGSN

Digital lavender to sage leaves

The selection starts with Digital lavenderwhich was named the duo’s Color of the Year for 2023. The hue aligns with the growing demand for health-promoting digital therapy, implemented by immersive virtual reality (VR) platforms that provide gamified wellness experiences.

WGSN recommended brands use the shade for smart fitness, wearables and fitness-led product categories, as well as virtual beauty initiatives and gender inclusive clothing.

Similarly soothing, Astro Dust is a mid-tone red that the duo has linked to space exploration, an element that has developed commercially in recent years. The mineral tone aims to encapsulate the Martian landscape and capture the sense of intrigue.

Galactic Cobalt – WGSN and Coloros AW23/24 Color Report. Photo: WGSN

Brands could use the tone for fashion, outerwear and knitwear, WGSN suggested, as well as implement with a gloss finish for makeup and skin care.

In line with digitization and room theme colours, Galactic Cobalt also takes inspiration from the development of the metaverse and merges the digital concept with the modern ‘Space Age’. The technology-driven blue is connected to escapism and expanding one’s reality.

The versatile color can be integrated into both high-functioning activewear and virtual experiences or, conversely, through occasion garments and jewellery. WGSN noted that the tone could be transformed into a multidimensional hue, through the use of metallics and satin finishes.

Sage Leaf – WGSN and Coloros AW23/24 Color Report. Photo: WGSN

Sage Leaf comes as a quiet, relaxing green, which aims to instill a sense of contemplation and reflection. Reflecting a reduced lifestyle, the tone is developed as a source of relief from overstimulation and resulting stress levels in consumers.

WGSN said the tone is important for “reductive, thoughtful design”, with therapeutic properties making it appropriate for wellness products. In addition, the tone can be used in fashion categories such as elevated utility clothing, basics and separates, as well as materials such as knitwear, brushed jersey and velvet.

Apricot Crush – WGSN and Color’s AW23/24 Color Report. Photo: WGSN

Finally, Apricot Crushwhich was revealed to be WGSN and Coloro’s Color of the Year for 2024, is described as a “vitamin balancing shade”, stepping up from soft pastels to incorporate a more refreshing tone.

The color can be used for a large number of product types, but is recommended for a variety of beauty products, gender-inclusive styles and clothing categories such as knitwear, loungewear and activewear.

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